It’s that time again folks with something different served up for yall.. Please to bring you another WIB VERSUS CLASSICK up in here.. Now this time around we have an East Coast artist that has been featured here numerous of times, an emcee that has been on his non stop grind ever since my first encounters with the homie “Jay Flint”, this was two years ago…how time flies, but anyway, the first time hearing the verbage spill like endorphins invading the brain. It was immediate that there was something unique and charismatic about Florida’s Jay Flint.. His artistry is nothing less than quality. Thus pertaining to the new EXCLUSIVE track “SOUR DIESEL ACRYLICS”… Make way ladies and gentlemen Mr. Flint has arranged this Versus to be optical heat.. Yes it’s been a minute since someone has arranged and pushed out visuals for the track..

Now it was a must within my perception on hand picking the track out for the Vs. Lets get you into tune with the composer that sits behind this heat rock. Once again he’s not new to the WIB readership….exposing the perfected craft that has been growing with us, here on the site. “Arza” is doin’ big thangs and still in the lab cookin’ up some more hot sh!t to bump too.. but all in all the sounds that do persist are nothing less of top shelf satisfaction..The original track is off of Arza’s instrumental piece “Higher Than Most” entitled “Blooming”..It’s higly recommended you head over to both artists’ bandcamp pages as they are filled with heaters.. Both Jay Flint and Arza are unique in their own audible endeavors and crafted accomplishments.. Although they are thousands miles away, From East to West, there is one thing that unites us all.. Music.. We support it and you should too.. Take one to the head and bang this properly though.. JAY FLINT Vs. ARZA … FLORIDA Vs. ARIZONA… SOUR DIESEL ACRYLICS… THE WORD IS BOND VERSUS…GHHHEEEAAA!!

Keep Us Locked For More Of These Exclusive Versus Down The Pipe Line!..


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