Straight out of Camden is a young lady who is positioned to take the hip-hop world by storm. She performs double duties on her latest single ‘Misunderstood’, rapping and belting out lush harmonies on the chorus without slacking on either of them. The element that really gravitated me to her is the hard hitting gritty soundscape she utilises here, a prime example of what lo fi boombap was and should be. Her vintage approach definitely triggers memories of ’95 when I was a very young kid(stay tuned for that story someplace else).  Yami definitely brought her A-game here, emotional, self poignant lyrics with a grim backdrop to match. Need I say more??

Get with the program!

“…Back against the wall, hanging up like a poster

Stomach growling,in early teens I was homeless

And everyone that came and passed away and all I had was my condolences

I got older and much colder. the love wasn’t showing

I tried to stay level headed but most days, feels I’m a walking coma…”

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