Has anyone heard of this group, World’s Fair — from Queens, NY? They’re sick! If you haven’t, now here’s your chance to stream some of their music — with a free album that they’ve dropped through Fool’s Gold Records.

The album is a futuristic boom-bap collage from six truly unique MCs, seamlessly weaving party-crushing cuts like “B.O.T.P.” and “Get Out” alongside raw-nerve confessionals, late night rollers and straight up BARS. From the anthemic “96 Knicks” to the introspective closer “Blacklisted,” Bastards Of The Party is a self-assured, infinitely listenable mission statement heralding World’s Fair’s arrival as the new New York crew to watch.

The production of the album goes far wide, from Northern Lights, Thelonius Martin, Black Noi$e, to the WIB fave — Jansport J! Stream the album, and if you’re digging it, grab it for free!


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