Remember when we told you that this collaboration was in the making between Adrian Younge and Souls Of Mischief? Well, here it is for you guys, in all its glory. The album There Is Only Now is narrated by Ali Shaheed Muhammad, with features from Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, William Hart (of The Delfonics), and Scarub (of Living Legends). The album has been released through Younge’s label, Linear Labs. Tracklisting is below…

Stream the album above. If you want to listen to the CLEAN version, click here.

1. “K-NOW Intro” 
2. “Time Stopped 2:20” 
3. “Womack’s Lament ft. Busta Rhymes” 
4. “Panic Struck”
5. “K-NOW Interlude 1”
6. “Another Part of You” ft. William Hart
7. “All You Got Is Your Word”
8. “There Is Only Now” ft. Snoop Dogg”
9. “Meet Womack”
10. “K-NOW Interlude 2”
11. “Miriam Got a Mickey”
12. “Stone Cold” ft. Scarub”
13. “The Synopsis”
14. “Ghetto Superhero”
15. “K-NOW Reprise”
16. “Narrow Escape”
17. “Finally Back”
18. “The Last Act”
19. “K-NOW Outro”

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