Immediately following the radio and media buzz from “Tribal” legendary/multiplatinum producer Dizzy Scratch (Sir Scratch of Main Source) releases another charting single titled “She Moves.” The track secretes a sexy vibe that can sway couples or those filled with desires, straight to the dancefloor or discretely to the bedroom.

The minimal, yet seductive vocals stir up physical stimulations that Dizzy makes sure pulsate in sync with his fusion of intermittent worldly tones, hard bass, and slightly striking melodies. Not an easy task to accomplish, but one Dizzy is more than equipped to deliver; let’s not forget the twenty platinum hits he’s responsible for in the mainstream realm.

Another task that not just anyone can skillfully craft or conjure, is the dexterity to produce a three-minute song that orchestrates multi-genre aesthetics. In one moment arousal will stroke the senses with Pop/R&B arrangements and in another moment the moves of b-boys and b-girls will synchronize with basslines and instrumentally driven cadences.

Whether you’re a pop fan or R&B lover, or a Hip Hop head, there will be no room for disappointment once you press play on “She Moves.” Stream both the radio and instrumental version and be sure to connect with Dizzy Scratch below.

Stream “She Moves” instrumental here on Spotify


Twitter: @nowdizzy

Instagram: @nowdizzy

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