Dear Artiste,

I know it’s hard enough getting people to listen to your music let alone spend their hard earned money to help convert your dreams into reality. You deplete mental energy getting those “hard” bars together, you strong arm your producer friend to cook you a beat(some jack beats off youtube like those kids in New Jersey Drive) and finally you hit the stu'(or the lab or basement) and voila! you have a song ready-so what’s next without a major label backing you? Well that’s where we (not us in the strict sense but sites like us) come in and while we like to hear something new every now and then, there are some rules you must abide by

Music Submission

1 Subject: Music Submission

Subject of the email must be in this format Music Submission: Artist Name : Song Name

e.g. Music Submission: Dirty Art Club: Hexes

If it is an album just replace Song Name with Album Name. Great let’s go to step 2

2 Attachments: Artwork(Hi Res,at least 960px)

You got a dope song ready but you know what goes well with a dope song? yes a dope art cover! Said dope artcover should be the size we recommend, we didn’t just wake up and pick a pixel number for the sake of it, we just want you too look as dope as possible. Now that is dope.

Below an example of a typical WIB banner 960×400…in case you’d like to do your own cropping. (can be square or wide but at least 960px resolution)

Dirty Art Club

3 Short Bio

This is strictly for freshmen, we don’t know you from a can of paint so the least you can do is tell us who you are. You don’t need to do an extensive timeline but rather something we can easily grasp. Keep it short and concise.

e.g.: Dirty Art Club is an American music production duo consisting of Madwreck and Matt Cagle, best known for their highly acclaimed debut album

4  Links: bandcamp/Soundcloud.

These are our go to music hosting sites, every one should endeavour to have at least one of them. Audiomack is equally good as well. If you don’t use any of the aforementioned sites, an mp3 attachment will suffice only as a last resort.

Video Submission

1 Subject: Video Submission

Subject of the email must be in this format : Video Submission: Artist Name : Song Name

e.g. Video Submission: Dirty Art Club: Hexes

2 Attachments: Artwork(Hi Res,at least 960px).

Attach a matching picture to go with the video, could be a picture of you rocking the crowd, or something related to the video in question. (The Picture can be of course in square size as long as it’s high resolution as the example below)


3 Short Bio/Short description of the video in question.

Tell us a bit about the video, doesn’t have to be longwinded, a few sentences will suffice.

4 Links: Youtube, vimeo.

Well this is self explanatory, we don’t expect you to send us the video file anyway

Lastly always include ALL social media links(Twitter,Facebook,Tumblr etc) and websites related to you and your music. This is really important for building long lasting relationships between us and you(just don’t spam us all day long).  Easy as ABC, now go ahead and send in that dope song you have been working on!!

Please note we try as much as possible to acknowledge and go through all submissions but there is only so much we can actually post up so do not relent and keep sending in your best material (No spam please).

To submit, use our 3 step submission form

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