If you haven’t noticed, this year has been a complete train wreck for all due to the breakout of the corona virus. The world as we’ve known it came to a screeching halt in all aspects, and we’re trying to figure out a way to navigate through this tumultuous time. It even feels weird that music is still being made throughout all of this. It’s a great thing, though, because it just shows how much more creative people can and will be in order for their art to get out to the world.

It’s been a little over three years since the legend Oddisee has dropped a studio album – last one being The Iceberg. But a lot has happened over the years with the PG County artist, as he stated on his instagram. This album was made during his time in quarantine.

Now that the ODD CURE is here, it’s a great breath of fresh air, as he revisits the current state of the world at hand and addressing some issues with beats that sounds like glimmers of hope for many. And for the insider, on the single ‘No Skips’ he wants to link back up to create music with former LOWBUDGET labelmate, Kev Brown.

Lowkey, I hope this comes to fruition.

Stream the album below.

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