Salt Lake City, Utah based Wyoming raised rapper/producer Gentry Fox is a man of many talents. He founded the Rocky Mountain (USA) based hip-hop recording label and artistic collective SUB|ROK RECORDS and is a founding member of the midwest hip-hop outfit Rhyme Squad. He has released 2 projects RARE DEMO SHIT volumes 1 and 2 and his latest project is entitled  The View From Nowhere.

The first song he shares is called “Vanguard”  and it’s a self-produced solemn track that is both reflective and somewhat moody too.  He juxtaposes the mindstate of a starving artist with the ongoing global pandemic and the socio-political upheaval going on. He is quite honest and emotional on this track and gives a candid take on his own journey and all the things he has seen thus far.

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The second cut on our list is called “Hindsight” and showcases Fox’s offbeat style and honest lyrics. Backed by a smooth summer-tinged backdrop, he delivers a blend of bravado and stream of consciousness raps that explore his growth as an indie artist.

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