Jump into the ring with this bombastic, positive new OrcaMania 30,000 record from Noa James and his wild-ass friends. The zany pro-wrestling skits and announcer intermissions remind me of growing up laughing to albums like The Chronic.

“New World Orca’ melodically and menacingly allows Noa to flex with Imran and JMKM while playing with themes of competitive hustle and progression.

“King James with the clutch / when blessings come knocking, It can’t be rushed”

The hard-hitting upbeat club-bangers like “OrcaMania 30,000” are balanced out with brilliant chill posi-anthems like “No Hate Just Love” with Nah’Shon. James has the simple infectiousness of righteous joy down to a science and we all get to benefit.

Got bars?  Be sure to peep the final track, the extendo mix of OrcaMania 30,000 and submit your verse for the open slot! Winner gets on the remix which will be on a special Noa James remix album!

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