“For this episode we wanted to do something completely different so I used a bunch of footage that I shot using two cheap handheld cameras while i was in Shanghai earlier this year. First, I chopped up the sounds I got from a construction site near Taikang Lu . Next, I added some audio I recorded of the Chinese army marching by on Huaihai Lu. After that I put in the sound of a little bird chirping. Then, I put in a short clip of some music I got off of a karaoke bicycle (which is something you can find very often in Shanghai). Next, since it wouldn’t be a Mr. Green beat without some hard hitting drums and a baseline, I threw those in there. Finally, I recorded the sound of a pirate who was encouraging me to chug my beer in front of the Shelter (which is probably the dopest venue I’ve ever performed at) and scratched him into the beat. Enjoy, -Mr. Green

contact [email protected]. A full LIve from the Streets album is in the works. Stay tuned…”.


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