Upstart Vice Souletric debuts a socio-politically charged joint in the form of Troublesome alongside Guilty Simpson. In these times where those who are sanctioned to uphold the law treat innocent citizens with reckless abandon, we sure need more voices and opinions against such atrocities.  Vice Souletric bares it all on this cut and says it factually for all to hear and listen.

Like the late 2pac said many years ago “I wonder why it’s hard being black…”. I guess we know the answer all too well.

We’ve been lied to. The “land of the free and the home of the brave” may have been true at one point in American history, but the mantra couldn’t be any farther from the truth today. The media has painted a picture of minorities as criminals to be feared. Law enforcement comb the streets, often acting as judge, jury and executioner, to those who have no affiliation with criminal activity. It’s this very behavior that destroying the bedrock of our country, and the notion of liberty.

Leading the pack in fighting for what’s right are Vice Soulectric, and Guilty Simpson with “Troublesome,” the debut leak taken from Vice’s forthcoming EP, Vice for President. As Vice drops knowledge on being called into question for being wrongfully accused by those who are sworn to protect and serve, Guilty echoes a Biggie bar, reminiscing on that fact that for many, sports and entertainment are the only way for African Americans to be successful in this current system. The highly charged, futuristic head nodder produced by Vice, serves as a much needed dose of reality rap. Mark your calendars for the April 7th release of Vice for President, which is set to drop through Vice’s United Grind imprint…stay tuned!

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