Versailles first hit our radar with the cloudy neo-soul jam ‘TheBlock TheCity which served as a snippet served as a gateway into her latest project INJVSTICE, a blend of hard-hitting raps and new age RnB-esque tracks. Versailles wastes no time in proving to the haters that she’s not one to joke with as she starts the project off with four back-to-back rap songs, after which she switches into vocalist mode, venturing into some left-field, surreal, string-driven soundscape that will draw comparisons to alternative RnB acts. With that being said, INJVSTICE is still an impressive body of work for the young lady, being that she held her own without excessive features, and her ability to switch from rapping to singing definitely broadens the range in her output. A solid project if I do say so myself.

Hit the play button and get with the program.

Divine Atom’s tribe would like to IntroduceVersailles who’s not only “the Everything” but she’s “the Goddess”. This is her long-awaited debut project titled “INJVSTICE”. Each track a piece of the mind, body and soul of Versailles and with that you feel her dreams, fears, falls, loves and much more. Sonically this album transports you from her own holy kingdom in heaven to futuristic skyscrapers to even dark forests at midnight while keeping the themes connecting to the previous track. While so much is said in these 15 tracks and while she has something for everyone, by the end she keeps you on your toes ready for more. This is just the beginning. INJVSTICE is not only everything that makes Versailles “everything” but it’s also what it would be if you don’t listen to this grand piece of work.




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