The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sincere Rose – “DCA to LAX”



Sincere Rose takes us from “DCA to LAX” in his new release. Over a moody and cinematic soundscape, he delivers a reflective and somewhat revealing performance that showcases his well-crafted songwriting.



iiviivix – “Like You”


iiviivix  brings somewhat refreshing with his new release “Like You”. A heartfelt and reflective tune that sees him pour candid thoughts on wax. Over a smooth guitar-laden soundscape he talks about meeting people you just know you won’t get along with. it’s quite relatable and well-crafted too.


Cracker Jon & Violentlyill – “Jay Zed”

Cracker Jon & Violentlyill drop something refreshing for our playlist in the form of this single titled “Jay Zed”. Bolstered by a lush piano-laden boom-bap backdrop, Cracker Jon reflects on life as an 80s baby and the changing way of the world.


UglyFace – “Promo”

Eclectic hip-hop group UglyFace return with “Promo” a bouncy and upbeat track that blends impassioned rap verses with soulful melodic runs.



09XXI shows us two sides to his personality in this conceptual track titled “HARVEY DENT”. Over a bright and somewhat moody backdrop, the emcee gives listeners a nuanced reflection of who he is as he weaves through both the dark and light sides.


RonTerrance Rishad – “Double R Freestyle”


“Double R Freestyle” is a mid-tempo and bouncy record from RonTerrance Rishad who delivers an impassioned and reflective performance. The production has a somber and moody vibe and sure fits Rishad’s relatable and evocative lyrics.





M3RCII – “The Human Condition”

M3RCII  dives into “The Human Condition” a heartfelt and moody track that is insightful and somewhat revealing. over the cinematic soundscape, the rapper pours his heart out and confesses his sins as he hopes to make things better.



YASMINA – “here you go again”


“here you go again” is a self-reflective ballad from rising singer/songwriter YASMINA. The mellow sublime track sees her detailing the aftermath of a one-sided relationship that she walked out from. After trying her best to make it work, she realizes that her partner was just not the one for her.

Hirow – “Out The Light”

Emerging rap artist Hirow makes a splash on our radar with his new release “Out The Light” which displays his off-kilter style and vivid lyricism. Over a dynamic and punchy trap backdrop, he delivers a highly energetic performance with sharp and witty bars.


Stoiks – “Hancy Fancy”

Nigerian singer Stoiks makes his entry on our list with “Hancy Fancy” A bouncy Afropop number that showcases his melodic style fused with some patois and hip-hop vibe. Over the punchy soundscape, he states his claim and reminds listeners that he is on the grind.

Ha$h – “Dream Crusher”

As Ha$h prepares to drop his EP, he shares the lead single “Dream Crusher”. A reflective tune that sees him detailing the true meaning of having perseverance and defying the odds. “Dream Crusher” is the first single off of Ha$h’s upcoming EP “I AM WHO I AM” Releasing June 2022!

K.O.N – “Hostage”

K.O.N makes his entry on our list with this somber record titled “Hostage” Backed by a sublime and ethereal guitar-laden soundscape, he takes us deep into his mind with evocative lyrics.


Lynx Cane – “Psalms & Chanel ” (feat. 0neelam, waldero & engless)


Lynx Cane‘s “Psalms & Chanel ” is a reflective tune that features 0neelam, waldero & engless. Over a blend of reggae and hip-hop-infused soundscape, the artist reflects on self-growth and the struggles of dealing with one’s vices.

Rebellion x Matt Nye – “Outside in the Snow”


Rebellion and Matt Nye return with a new single “Outside in the Snow”. A blend of pop and rap seamlessly combined over a mellow and somber backdrop. Rebellion pours his heart out with a heartfelt melodic performance and Matt Nye adds his own reflective touch towards the end.



“Gold Blooded” is a lyric dense jam that sees IM’PERETIV linking with veteran NY lyricist MICKEY FACTZ and CHAYNA ASHLEY. The result is a dark gritty soundscape ripe with superb lyricism from both artists. “Gold Blooded” is taken from the upcoming 10-track project, THE PRECEDENT, by CHAYNA ASHLEY & IM’PERETIV.

Lace The Hands – “Handle It – Radio Edit”

Emerging singer/songwriter Lace The Hands goes back to the 90s with this retro-infused r&b ballad titled “Handle It “. Backed by a smooth guitar riff, lush keys, and warm basslines, she dives into the tale of a man who left his true love for what he thinks is a new beginning, but eventually, he rues his decision. Lace The Hands’ sublime melodic runs are engulfing and alluring and really embody the spirit of 90s r&b with a modern age twist.

MaGyverMIRE – “Tuesday: face-off”

South African rapper MaGyverMIRE makes his entry on our playlist with “Tuesday: face-off”. A Mellow song made up of somber piano riffs, soft drums, and a dose of reality-based raps about bad decisions and the aftermath.

DJ Moves – “Loyalty”

Queensbridge, New York veteran emcee Blaq Poet teams up with DJ Moves for this dark and reflective tune titled “Loyalty”. Over a dark moody backdrop, he breaks down the true meaning of loyalty and reminds us that these streets
are filled with snakes and 2-faced individuals ready to pull the rug right out under your feet.


Ghettosocks – “Be A Mango”


Ghettosocks shares a new single “Be A Mango” which sees him teaming with LXVNDR and Phoenix Pagliacci which details the myriad of stereotypes that prescribe what men and women are supposed to be. It’s quite insightful and relatable and the emcees deliver a blend of profound and engaging bars over a cinematic soundscape. Overall they challenge played-out norms and encourage people to rise up with open minds.

The Eska – “Long Way”


Emerging bilingual rapper The Eska has come a “Long Way” with his new release. The track sees him reflecting on his past and his journey thus far.

SHOWTIME RAMON – “Brian Pillman”


SHOWTIME RAMON comes through with the moody track “Brian Pillman” which was inspired by Pillman’s Dark side of the ring documentary. Over an ominous piano-laden backdrop, SHOWTIME RAMON once again delivers an off-kilter performance rip with hard-hitting bars that would make listeners do the screwface.


Domino – “4U” (feat. Produced by SMITHMusix & Co Produced by Domino)


The veteran emcee singer Domino delivers this smooth heartfelt tune titled “4U” Over a smooth and bouncy soundscape, he pays homage to all the Hip Hop Icons and Talents that have passed away. It’s a perfect anthem for those who laid the foundation and impacted our lives with their music.



DREgottheBLUES – “B-Sides”

NY-based, Bloomfield, CT raised rapper/songwriter DREgottheBLUES closes out the list with “B-Sides” which showcases his profound lyricism and impassioned flow. Over a cinematic backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his background and all the tribulations he had to overcome to get to where he is.

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