The infamous Tyler, The Creator drops WOLF today, the long awaited follow up to Goblin which released almost two years ago. Goblin got just three stars in our Word Is Bond review but I think it’s fair to say WOLF steps it  back up and brings back the Tyler that came through on his mindbending release Bastard. His production style remains as it normally is – fairly primitive sounds but arranged in to something much more powerful – other than on ‘Answer’ and ‘Lone’, which for me are the standout tracks on the album, and as well as letting fellow Odd Future members like Hodgy Beats, Left Brain and Earl shine on certain tracks there’s a strong outside cast too with the likes of Erykah Badu and Pharrell featuring.

Tyler is obnoxious and loud but a refreshing force generating a counter movement to the diseased music industry, and for that alone he deserves respect (who else markets through slandering their own release on twitter and relying on word of mouth?). WOLF represents a return to form but an evolution in style to the Odd Future co-founder, someone who genuine appreciates authenticity and musical integrity, so if you’re an OF fan then this is a must buy.

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