Binary Star, legends of the underground game, drop a new EP.

I’ll rewind that because if you’re anything like me you’ll need to read it twice to process it. Binary Star drop a new EP. It’s been fifteen years since their debut Waterworld – later rereleased as Masters Of The Universe which remains to this day one of the best underground Hip Hop releases of all time and probably the quintessential underground Hip Hop album – and to celebrate they have thrown out this ten track endeavour, featuring tracks both fresh to the ear and bumped via their classic LPs. The last time they released new content was back in 2000; this is a release the underground has wanted for quite some time. It was inevitable I think, because they still perform together really frequently.

It’s rare you get two such talented lyricists on the same feature together let alone releasing under the same label, but MCs One Be Lo aka One Man Army and Senim Silla (“all is mine” backwards), who formed Binary Star when they met in prison, elevate rhymes to such a level that I would consider them definitely one of the best acts ever to grave the scene. With that raw, authentic underground sound coursing through the veins of the record, Binary Star bring their A-game to the mic on this one, although Senim Silla is maybe a little rusty after a quiet period as a solo artist (since they broke up in 2000, Silla has dropped just one album. In comparison, One Be Lo has dropped thirteen LPs and mixtapes). Anyway, I love these dudes, and I hope this means there’s a full length release on the way.

One Be Lo has been one of my favourite MCs for a long while, and I’ve been posting about him like that too so make sure you have had a read through our One Be Lo archives.

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