I finally got the much needed time to peep the latest beat tape from producer Tut-Piece. Many may remember him as a member of ILZ, a duo of producers featured on this site numerous times. This time around Tut-Piece is on a solo mission with this short collection of smooth instrumentals. I’m still trying to figure out the relationship between the title, Lost Jury EP and the songs though but never the less this is pretty brilliant.

Lost Jury EP really shows Tut-Piece’s versatility on the boards, knack for catchy riffs, cinematic strings and layered production style ranging from 80s RnB and 70s soul music. Overall I must say that the EP  is pretty nostalgic, somber and somewhat reflective with respect to the soundscape he used. ‘Tracks like 40th Side’, ‘Kings Blues‘ (Reminds me of J Cole’s Crunch time) really stood out for me. Another notable one is ‘Follow The Dollar’ which utilizes the same sample from Nas’s ‘Find Ya Wealth’ but with uplifting strings and heavy drums to match.

This is solid from start to finish. Props to Tut for the African samples too(Possibly Ghanian?). Get with the program

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