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Majick x Mic Righteous – “Not Blood”

Majick and Mic Righteous team up to bring us this lyric dense hard-hitting jam titled “Not Blood.” The production is moody and dark and the performance is passionate and energetic as well.

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yuNg NuaNce – “Brownsville”

Emerging emcee yuNg NuaNce shares a new single  “Brownsville,” a soulful and heartfelt track that details the harsh realities of life in his borough. He makes use of a soulful backdrop provided by Brandon and delivers a passionate performance ripe with vivid lyrics.

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Nas – Death Row East Remix (Remix by Reflectionz)

Reflectionz jumps on Nas’s ” Death Row East” instrumental and shares a personal tale that listeners can relate to. From his humble beginnings to the social unrests in the world, Reflectionz gives quite a nuanced take on this thing called life


Sho Richardsin – “The Star”


Sho Richardsin‘s “The Star” is a heartfelt and motivational track that implores listeners to get up and step into their greatness. He makes use of a smooth piano-laden backdrop and he is joined by a vocalist who laces the track with her sublime melodic style.

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Madd Coalition – “Madd Kids” (feat. Blu’Jay, Boy Beige, Quees, Seven the Vibe, project georgie & Faux)”.

Newly formed rap collective Madd Coalition share their debut single titled “Madd Kids” and it easily caught our ears with its dusty and crunchy boom-bap vibes and vivid lyricism. Made up of Blu’Jay, Boy Beige, Quees, Seven the Vibe, project Georgie and Faux, the crew tap into the spirit of the 90s with their stylish retro-tinged approach to hip-hop with a modern twist.

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MP & Vokab – “Gotta Get Up” f/ Rapper Big Pooh and SamIam The MC, Produced by Nottz”.


MP & Vokab team up with SamIAm The MC and Rapper Big Pooh for an inspiring uplifting track titled “Gotta Get Up”. Backed by Nottz’ driving and punchy production, the emcees implore us to never give up in the face of adversity and keep the faith on
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D3WON x Oliv Blu x ConSoul – “Voicemails”

“Voicemails” is a relatable and feel-good track by D3WON who teams up with r&b singer Oliv Blu (The Voice, Fresh Finds) and ConSoul, a poetic female rap duo that is an all Chicago affair. The track blends rap, R&B with a retro-funk school vibe that displays the artist’s distinct styles from Blu’s sublime melodic runs, energetic rap verses from ConSoul and D3WON himself.

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Big Homie – “The Truth”

Big Homie makes his entry on our site with this upbeat track titled “The Truth.” Over the moody keys, rousing trap drums, the rapper takes us back to his childhood and explores the many experiences and relationships that make him tick.

Isaac Suh x SAJE – “127 AM”

Eclectic singer Isaac Suh teams up with ATL-based vocalist SAJE for this sultry R&B track titled “127 AM.” Over sparse and airy backdrops, both deliver distinct ear gripping vocals. Suh has a soothing texture while SAJE’s vocals are more sublime and ethereal.

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Myyora – “Feel”

Singer/songwriter Myyora shares new heartfelt single “Feel” which explores the idea of letting things go in order to heal and grow. The production has an exotic and nostalgic texture while Myyroa delivers a soul-gripping melodic performance ripe with evocative lyrics to complete the job.

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Mostly George x G Fam Black x Oblivious x Salie Xander – “Nightfall”

“Nightfall” is an international collaboration between Boston’s 2 finest MCs, and Budapest’s 2 upcoming Lyricists. The quartet of Mostly George, G Fam Black, Oblivious, and Salie Xander come together to deliver an unprecedented verbal assault over a moody ominous production.

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Dylamic x Julia Cremers – “lowkey (keep it easy)”

Dylamic teams up with singer Julia Cremers for this smooth mid-tempo jam titled “lowkey (keep it easy)” He makes us of a funky/dance backdrop courtesy of producer BAWS to share a tale of a situationship getting out of hand. Julia Cremers joins the fray with her honeyed vocals and delivers a soothing melodic performance as well.

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Skatta – “Follow the sun”

Hardworking UK rapper Skatta is back with something refreshing in the form of his new release titled “Follow the sun.” The insightful track sees him working with producer Dipiz who laces him with a somber summer-infused soundscape. Skatta delivers an uplifting performance and implores listeners that life is not all rosy but we all have to make the best out of it. This is the second video from Skatta’s forthcoming album Cinema Ticket – album out on French label Broc Recordz in December


C-Styles – “What If” (feat. Shaun Mecca)

Emerging rapper C-Styles makes his entry on our list with “What If” which details the life of talented D1 athletes and rappers who didn’t make it on their respective careers due to injuries or unforeseen circumstances. The somber track is ripe with insightful lyrics and a smooth melodic performance from Shaun Mecca who adds his own thoughts to the reflective record.

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Jamar Carr – “Whole Lotta” feat. PTB Rell

Jamar Carr is back with a new single “Whole Lotta” featuring PTB Rell. The track has a moody and somber texture and sees both emcees in their element delivering bravado-laden bars. “Whole Lotta” feat. PTB Rell is the first single off Carr’s upcoming project titled FatherTime.

Jae Haze – “Goal Driven”

Jae Haze shows us his go-getter mindset on his new single “Goal Driven” where he makes use of a punchy moody backdrop as his canvass. Armed with his unique flow and insightful pen game, he reminds us that he has paid his dues.

Alana – “Window Shopper”

Singer/songwriter Alana shares her single “Window Shopper” which details the dynamics of blossoming relationships and its fleeting existence where people come and go and it’s best to find happiness within oneself. Over a sublime and soulful backdrop, Alana delivers a sultry and sublime melodic performance that draws listeners in.

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Who Is Raphael Leraux – “Night Calling”

Who Is Raphael Leraux makes his entry on our list with “Night Calling” a blend of neo-soul vibes and hiphop demeanor. over a somber guitar-laden backdrop provided by Petrichore, he delivers a smooth melodic run and vivid lyrical performance that dive into the dynamics of a passionate relationship.

Jon Vinyl – “All Bad”


Jon Vinyl dives deep into the bad times on “All Bad” over a mellow sublime production, he delivers his unique melodic vocals ripe with evocative lyrics that listeners can relate to.

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Broughton – “Grass Is Greener”

UK’s Broughton return with this reflective piece titled “Grass Is Greener” where he gets retrospective over a bouncy trap backdrop. It’s quite engaging and insightful for the most part.
“Grass Is Greener” is featured on DiSCOVERY Rap’s first mixtape.


GoodShip – “Easy Come and Easy Go”


GoodShip gives us a glimpse into the past and the hardships of growing up on the heartfelt and vibrant track “Easy Come and Easy Go.”
The production is quite groovy and the insightful lyrics sure blend perfectly and give uplifting energy that implores listeners to stay humble regardless of one’s disposition.

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