We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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Rvdical The Kid – “NASA” (featuring Amaarae)

Rvdical The Kid and Ghanaian singer/producer Amaarae team up for some cool ethereal vibes on their new collaboration titled “NASA”
“NASA” is taken from Rvdical The Kid’s Little Planet EP. The song marks the fourth joint effort from the two longtime collaborators who have been working together since 2017.
Get “NASA” on all DSPs here.




Cosm – “Open Your Eyes” ft. El Ay (Produced by g-man & Big O)

Bournemouth native Cosm teams up with singer/producer El Ay for some smooth summer vibe song titled “Open Your Eyes.” backed by a warm, lush backdrop courtesy of g-man & Big O, Cosm takes us on a journey as he reflects on life and all the changes we are forced into in 2020.
The video was shot in London by UKHH’s Dfacer.
The album is available on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.



Elis Noa – “Tell Me I’m Lying”

“Tell Me I’m Lying” is be the final single from Vienna based duo Elis Noa as they prepare to their debut-album What Do You Desire? on 08/14/20!
“Tell Me I’m Lying” is a heartfelt cut that explores the intimate desires and varied emotions that occur within relationships and the external forces that might work against it.
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Mr. Severe x Duendy x Anthony Bailey – “Different Beast”


Montreal, Canada Mr. Severe teams up with Duendy and Anthony Bailey for this solid collaboration titled “Different Beast.” A head nodding piece that showcases emcees from different cultures and backgrounds but ultimately going through similar challenges.
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Czar Brown – “Checkmate”


“Checkmate” is the second release by Czar Brown who makes use of a sparse booming beat to deliver his thoughts as clear as possible. He gives us a short glimpse into his come up and how he is trying to achieve his goals despite the obstacles around him.




David Daudin x Truly Def x Aubrey West – “C’est La Vie”

“C’est La Vie” is a collaborative song between Orlando, Fl. based David Daudin, Truly Def, and Aubrey West. A nice mix of pure rap and smooth soul vibes, the trio come through with their unique flows and styles that meander between classic boom-bap and modern-day vibes. The self-directed video captures the trio in their element as they drop bars and do their thing.
“C’est La Vie” is produced by Mike Husle.



Sanya N’Kanta – “I.C.E. at the Door”


Genre fusing act Sanya N’Kanta explores the harrowing experiences of an undocumented immigrant. on his new song “I.C.E. at the Door.” Over a chilled, haunting backdrop, he details what immigrants face in a strange land where they are constantly at risk of seizure, deportation, and permanent separation from close families. He also talks about the increased militarism of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and makes a persuasive case for justice, humanity, and common decency.
Ben Clarkson’s animated clip for “I.C.E. At The Door” matches the song’s intensity. It’s stark, intelligent, unflinching, and often quite terrifying. Image after image reinforces the irreparable violence done to families: a picture of a mother, father, and a baby falls from the wall and shatters on the floor, cyclone fencing closes in on a crying child, and the long arm of Uncle Sam reaches down from the sky to clutch at a young woman carrying her child.
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Quiz – “It Ain’t My Fault”


“It Ain’t My Fault” sees emerging rapper Quiz doing his own version of the classic No Limit record of the same name. His flow is sharp and passionate over the bouncy track. Get it on Soundcloud.



Pat Clifton – “Indigo Child”


Pat Clifton‘s “Indigo Child” is a heartfelt and touching song that explores his search for validation through self-reflection. Over the solemn, atmospheric backdrop, he gives us a rundown of his life from past to present and seeks to find the truth in this game called life. The song is produced in Calgary, Canada, by Pat Clifton’s frequent collaborator Blüme.
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JONES – “Camera Flash”

“Camera Flash” is JONES‘s newest release which also comes with an accompanying video that showcases her eclectic vintage-tinged style. As expected, JONES delivers over the groovy alluring retro-backdrop with her sultry honeyed vocals and engaging songwriting. She is uber-confident and details the energy of a woman who knows what she wants. and is not afraid to let it be known.
The visual is directed by Nathan Killham and Franklin and Marchetta and produced by KODE Media. Filmed while adhering to social distancing, the visual perfectly fits the track as JONES’ natural charisma exerts a magnetic allure to the camera.



Micah The Rapper – “Unsettling”


Portland-based Black queer artist Micah The Rapper gives us a heartfelt piece titled “Unsettling.” Backed by a smooth soulful backdrop, she shares her fears and uncertainty when it comes to friendships and relationship in this day and age where we are still dealing with the pandemic. Armed with a calm, collected flow she really gives us an insightful and relatable song that we all can rock to.
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kibah Joseph – “Memories”


“Memories” by Kibah Joseph sees the emerging rapper reflect on life and how most of us are really only appreciated when we are gone. Joseph makes use of a solemn , reflective backdrop to drive home his melancholic message. He takes us through the harsh life and his own experiences as a young man growing up in the hood.



Lush One – “4 and a Baby”

Lush One ‘s “4 and a Baby” is a reflective piece produced by Marv Won who laces the rapper with a dark ominous backdrop. Lush One goes for an unapologetic approach and gives the listeners a full glimpse of his past and his transition from the street to the music studio. The visual is directed by Megatron Meta.



Omega The Poet x Supa Bwe – “Nectarine” (Remix by Omega The Poet & Supa Bwe).

Omega The Poet teams up with Supa Bwe. for a soulful collaboration titled “Nectarine.” Over the smooth sultry backdrop, Omega The Poet delivers a vivid image of pure adulation for the lady that caught his eye while Supa Bwe ties it up with an alluring melodic hook. The video is a live webcam JAM, which features Madison Bailey (@madisonbaileybabe) of Outer Banks (#1 Show on Netflix).



Shan Vincent de Paul – “One Hundred Thousand Flowers”


Toronto based artist Shan Vincent de Paul is back in the field with “One Hundred Thousand Flowers”. A vibrant energetic piece that addresses the Tamil genocide carried out by the Sri Lankan government and the grueling civil war that tore the country apart.
Toronto artists Yanchan and La+ch, the song puts SVDP’s lyricism on full display while touching on themes of resilience, accountability, and identity. The production moves from haunting strings, mrithangam, and trap drums to gradually exploding into a full-blown punk anthem. “One Hundred Thousand Flowers” is the lead single to his third studio album, Made in Jaffna, and proves to be SVDP’s most powerful work to date.
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SoulChef x Hydroponikz – “Hands Up”


SoulChef and Hydroponikz -team up for the groovy “Hands Up.” An insightful piece that sees Hydroponikz expressing his frustration with the discriminatory treatment of those citizens that helped to shape the cultural diversity of our society. Over the cinematic backdrop, he takes the corrupt government to the task as he sheds light on the criminalization of race, creed, and gender identity to conceal white-collar lawlessness.
“Hands Up” is the second single from SoulChef and Hydroponikz’s upcoming album NY2NZ (New York to New Zealand). The first single “Last Time” was released in July 2020.
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Pri & Padre Tóxico – “Summer in LA”


Pri and Padre Tóxico‘s “Summer in LA” is a dreamy RnB jam that caught our ears with its lush textures and soothing melodic chorus.
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Da’ziiz – “On the edge”

Emerging British artist Da’ziiz closes out the list with the dark single “On the edge.” The track details the rapper’s daily activities in his neighborhood in South London.
With a background in poetry and literature, Da’ziiz has always expressed himself so eloquently in his writing, his transition to an artist was just one that made sense.
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