We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Lukas Got Lucky – “NoMore”

Swedish producer Lukas Got Lucky gifts us with his new release “NoMore”, a mix of bright guitar riffs, pulsating basslines, and lush keys with punchy drums to boot. It’s quite soulful and alluring from start to finish.


Mighty Mushroom – “Broken Boombox”

Mighty Mushroom makes an entry on our list with “Broken Boombox”. The Israeli producer crafts a soothing and nostalgia-inducing beat ripe with warm basslines, low tones and crisp textures over soft drum grooves.



NEIL JAM3S – “Flat Baroque”

NEIL JAM3S delivers some off-kilter sound with his new release “Flat Baroque”. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds that blend lo-fi sound techniques with boom-bap grooves.


Konda Unstruct – “An jedem Morgen”

German producer Konda Unstruct shares the visuals for the single “An jedem Morgen”. A mellow nostalgia-inducing piece is ripe with moody strings, warm textures, and smooth drums to match. The track is also the second collaboration with Canadian multi-instrumentalist Fred Paci.



DOWORK – “Ol’ Blue Eyes”

Production duo DOWORK make their entry on our site with “Ol’ Blue Eyes” which is their 4th single from their album The Heat. The soulful track is pretty cinematic and is crafted by both instrumentalists who play all the instruments from warm strings, lush keys, flutes, and rumbling drums.





Two Tonez – “Yakuza”


Two Tonez  blends modern vibes with Japanese musical elements in his new release “Yakuza”. The track is somber and reflective and soothing as it progresses into quite a dynamic and soul stirring piece.


Lnoer – “The Blues”


Lnoer returns to the list with “The Blues”, a chilled dremay piece that exudes moody and sublime elements that draw listeners in. The layered strings and textures are smooth and well crafted.


Human x JVMEZ – “Dust & Ash”

Production duo Human x JVMEZ caught our ears with “Dust & Ash”. A dark ominous piece that is made up of ethereal synths, atmospheric pads, and off-kilter textures. It’s quite cinematic and layered as well.

Jono Das – “Memories”


Eclectic New Zealand, producer Jono Das shares “Memories” a heartfelt vocal sample-driven piece that showcases his of kilter sampling techniques. From the layered textures, chopped vocals, punchy drums to sublime sound effects, Jono das brings quite a refreshing feel to the instrumental sphere. “Memories” is taken from his full-length collection of beats, Muhammad, My Man’, available now via EMK – the electronic music platform launched by Kartel Music Group – Stream Here.

Ogi feel the Beat – “Wax Projection”


Ogi feel the Beat shares a new single “Wax Projection” a trippy piano-driven beat that sounds like a blend of styles, The sound design has ominous vibes and the drums are soft but exude a steady groove from start to finish. Taken from his new free beat tape titled Peacefull Calling.


Sepalot – “Pattern Select”


German producer Sepalot delivers this smooth and nostalgic track titled “Pattern Select” to our list. The track has a trippy and jazzy element plus punchy boom bap drums to match.


Midas Arthur – “Fuck is this!???”


Midas Arthur bridges orchestral music with classic boombap in his new record titled “Fuck is this!???” The result is quite brilliant as he weaves atmospheric choral vocals, cinematic strings, and anthemic violins over crunchy drums.


Coujo – “second class”

Coujo’s “second class” is a somber, atmospheric tune that blends ethereal sounds with crunchy trap drums. The producer also throws in some vocals for good measure.

Blondci – “Soulseeking”


Blondci caught our attention with “Soulseeking” a mellow soulful piece that is made up of airy vocal harmonization, soft guitar plucks, and dreamy arps. The beat is quite dynamic and switches into an excellent piano section that hits the mark.


gLife Beats – “Angry Birds Beat”


“Angry Birds Beat” is a somewhat experimental beat by gLife Beats. The instrumental is cinematic and a bit dynamic as the drums weave in and out and the bells, and flutes play tug of war with the bassline.


Ghostlyn – “Daydream”



Producer Ghostlyn taps into the subconscious with his beat titled “Daydream”. A solemn, nostalgic piece ripe with layered atmospheric synths and a soft drum break to drive the groove. Interesting arrangement and perfect to close out this week’s list.

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