Experience a summer on the Italian Amalfi Coast with Sail’s smooth single, ‘Amalfi’. Sail has been described as “modern rap with an old soul.” says Sail about this new song he has just laid on us. Having worked his way up behind the scenes of the music industry, Sail has honed his craft helping other artists succeed at theirs and expresses:


“I basically just started writing music as a way to collect my thoughts or reflect while traveling and on the road. Recording has been therapeutic and a way for me to make sense of a crazy world.”


As Sail gets ready to release his debut project, rather than leading in with club bangers and hot singles, he’s releasing his most introspective and deep songs.


“I think all of my music is an art of self reflection, so I would rather the audience got to know me first, and then what I do after. My inner dialogue is the foundation of everything that I do, yet it’s only ever really exposed through music, so in a way this is me giving a voice to my inner voice.”


Stream the song on Bandcamp as well and follow sail on Instagram.

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