It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Bogart. – “Linda”

Bogart.‘s “Linda” is a dusty beat that is ripe with jazz riffs, laidback drums, and obscure sounds that truly give it a vinyl feel. solid as expected from the ever working producer
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Mvdk – “everything’s okay”


“everything’s okay” is a mellow, relaxing beat by Mvdk who has been dishing out solid beats on the top instrumental lists for a while. He goes for a solemn vibe here with lush keys, nostalgic horns, and soft drums to complete the job
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Very Yes x Poles – “React”


Very Yes and Poles‘ “React” is a cinematic track that makes use of inflected vocals that glide over the moody backdrop made up of lush synths, engulfing pads, and sparse drums. The way the song builds up is solid too and truly shows the ebb and flow of emotions.
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BluPrint.BX – “Round The Clock (….I)”


BluPrint.BX goes for a futuristic feel on his beat titled “Round The Clock (….I).” He makes use of lush synths, hard drums all tied together by moving pads.
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Charlie Myles – “time to see you {are up early}”


Charlie Myles‘ “time to see you {are up early}” feels like an early morning picker-upper with its soothing keys, soft drums, weird vocal chops, and glitchy effects. It’s very relaxing and well crafted if we do say so ourselves.
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DiZ – “Beginnings”


“Beginnings” is a beat by DiZ and like the title suggests serves as the intro to his instrumental album. The beat has a military-esque drum pattern, sparse dreamy sequences, and ethereal pads which makes it quite reflective too
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__offthedome – “No Smoking”


__offthedome comes through with a cinematic piece he calls “No Smoking.” The track has a solid drum arrangement and its bolstered by a dark texture that gives it an urgency and energy.
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JCSD – “DontGetCaught”


JCSD‘s “DontGetCaught” has a dark cinematic feel with its ominous stabs, knocking drums, and offbeat textures. Interesting production, quite engaging even though the switch-ups aren’t that much.
This is taken from his EP, lofiVE.
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lucidjason – “sum1”


lucidjason shares his new instrumental “sum1” which he made using retro R&B samples. he sure flips it well to deliver a smooth head-nodding beat that everyone can rock to. Well-crafted and alluring from start to finish.




Acr0bat – “Slippery”


“Slippery” is the new release from Acr0bat who makes use of weird dreamy sequences and glitch effects in a unique way. It has an interesting mood that everyone can rock to





Sbeady – “Through the Night”


Sbeady‘s “Through the Night” is somewhat solemn and cinematic. From the rich Rhodes chords, airy trumpets, pads, and drums, the track is solid from start to finish.
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Coldbrew – “insomnia”


Coldbrew‘s “insomnia” has a nice rich dreamy texture that is also ethereal. It’s somewhat layered and works with the smooth drums too.
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Hanses – “Aerosol”


“Aerosol” showcases Hanses‘s moody style of production. Form the airy pads, smooth xylophones, and laidback drums. he gives a solid piece of work that we can rock to on a cold October day.
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Tranq – “Cocktail”


Production duo Tranq serves us with the perfect “Cocktail” for this list. The beat is a mix of Afropop styled drums, lush jazzy textures, slick guitars and a smooth vocal runs to complete the job. This is solid from start to finish.
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Ximon – “Let Me Score Something, Safdies.”


Ximon pulls out some tricks on his new release titled “Let Me Score Something, Safdies.” The dynamic production is bolstered by layered dark pads, sequences, a throbbing bassline, and driving drums. It sure gives a mix of vibes and moods too
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BluPrint.BX – “Head Games”


BluPrint.BX comes through with another banger he calls “Head Games.” From the thick synths, cinematic arps, and layered instrumentation he gives us that edgy snapping beat emcees can rock with.
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Gasoline Monk – “Euphoria Puzzles”


Boston native Gasoline Monk closes out this week’s edition with his multi-layered production style on the track he calls “Euphoria Puzzles.” The track is a mix of genres ranging from future-jazz, psychedelic, and hiphop but doesn’t just end there as there is more to unravel when you listen to it.
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