It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Ghostnaut – “On A Ride”


Ghostnaut blesses us with a feel-good and nostalgia-inducing beat titled “On A Ride.” From neck-snapping drums, warm basslines, and sparkling keys and horns that remind one of summer, the producer sure did a madness on this bop.
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Behind The Beat – “Delayed”


Behind The Beat fuses, lush guitar plucks, and jazzy keys over solid boom-bap drums on his new beat titled”Delayed.” It’s very solemn and soothing too.
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Socotra – “Everyday”


“Everyday” is a mellow, somewhat offbeat track by Socotra who makes use of weird vocal samples, vibrant percussions amongst other things to create this unique beat.



funambule – “Confessions”


Funambule comes through the gate with solemn reflective vibes on “Confessions.” The style is very cinematic, somewhat ominous but the drums do slap hard.
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Hautsaus – “Chill Saus III”


Hautsaus‘s “Chill Saus III” is a very soothing and relaxing beat that is ripe with lush keys, dreamy guitar plucks, and soft drums to match. He adds that he was inspired by Adult Swim bumps and 1960’s modal jazz from Blue Note records amongst other elements.
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BluPrint.BX – “Lincoln Tunnel”


BluPrint.BX is back at it with another beat he calls “Lincoln Tunnel.” The track has a hard-hitting drum arrangement, thick synths, and a lush guitar riff that plays the central role in everything.
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LAKEY INSPIRED‘s”Back Home” is a piano-driven beat that is both soothing and reflective. Peppered with a solid groove and summer tinged textures, LAKEY INSPIRED sure takes us back to the hottest season of the year.





DYLAN MARRONE – “Jesus action figure”


DYLAN MARRONE‘s “jesus action figure” is a smooth vintage cut that is made up of solid breakbeats, lush jazz/soul samples layered into an alluring piece.
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Soulone Beats – “Trying To Chill”


London Based beatmaker/producer Soulone Beats shares “Trying To Chill.” A laidback cut that is bolstered by lush solemn keys, smooth drums, and dusty textures. “Trying To Chill” is taken from his new beat tape The Soul Purpose Beat Tape Vol 1.
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coldbrew – “bumpin'”


Coldbrew‘s newest release “bumpin'” is a calm, reflective beat that is lush and well crafted too. Very crisp and sure sound slike something rappers can put their emotions on.
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TK Da Prince – “Spaceship”



TK Da Prince makes his first entry on our list with “Spaceship.”  He crafts a lush trap beat with airy textures, boomy bass drums, and pads to complete the job..



Byoko – “Portraits Vol. 2”



Byoko gives us some nostalgia-inducing jam on his new release “Portraits Vol. 2.” The track is a medley of different sounds. The drums are punchy and groovy, the lush jazz soundscapes are solid and the layered instrumentation works to the tee.




Dayfade – “Dizzy Midnight”


Dayfade shows us what he is made off on his single “Dizzy Midnight.” The choppy drums, jazz keys, and sparse arrangements make for a solid listen.
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JAMMY WEIRDO‘s “CRACK SHOT” has a solid trap bounce laced with ominous pads and a dark bell to accompany it. Quite cinematic as well.
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Scottie Royal – “Daydreaming at my Desk”


Scottie Royal’s “Daydreaming at my Desk” is as cinematic and soulful as they come. The backdrop is multi-layered with keys, smooth textures, and even soft vocal moans that add an angelic touch to it all.
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11 Acorn Lane – “It’s Going To Be OK”


The production duo known as 11 Acorn Lane is back on our list with their brand of jazz-infused sounds. On their new release “It’s Going To Be OK” they make use of a lush acoustic guitar, ambient pads, and horns over soft drums to make a solid jam that is both relaxing and uplifting.
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Daddy Who – “Ecuador”


Daddy Who interpolates a melody on his new release “Ecuador.” He does it in his own unique style and brings a very emotional and somewhat dreamy feel to the forefront.
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Soundspretty – “MAGIC EYES”


Soundspretty closes up the list with a solid beat “MAGIC EYES,” he flips a classic soul sample and sure makes something out of the ordinary with it. From the vocal chops and head-nodding drums to match, Soundspretty takes us back to the late 90s styled soul-driven boom-bap
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