We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Ulises Valadez Contreras – “nsfw”


Chicago based producer Ulises Valadez Contreras opens up the list with this somber and cinematic piece titled “nsfw.” He makes use of dusty and dark sounds with pulsating drum arrangements on this one. This is the final track from his new project, “La Torre De Terror.” It was released with the label/collective Apollo’s Harp.
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Bingbongbeats – “corridors”

Bingbongbeats is a producer whose new release “corridors” was quite unresistible that we had to share. The track is a boom-bap infused thumping track with engulfing soulful textures and nostalgic elements to boot. It serves as his second single from his forthcoming lofi project entitled dogwood.



mellow dive – “Walking Closer In a White Winter Morning”

mellow dive shares his new single “Walking Closer In a White Winter Morning” on this week’s list. The track is a laidback, reflective piece ripe with warm jazzy guitars, alluring textures, and a soft drum arrangement. The beat is the first single from his upcoming EP.
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Lishtvan – “23HZ”

Lishtvan’s “23HZ” is a somewhat moody and reflective beat that caught our ears. It has a nice somber tone and it’s quite relaxing as well.
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Casey Cuts – “Level Four”

Austin based producer, sound designer Casey Cuts takes us to “Level Four” on his new release. A beat made with snappy drums, nostalgic horns, and atmospheric textures layered expertly over one another.
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Yan Lex – “Leros”

Yan Lex is a Greek musical project that caught our attention with their latest release titled “Leros.” A laid back reflective beat that is ripe with somber strings, soft keys, and sparse drums.




Ogi feel the Beat – “Detective Agency 24/7”

Ogi feel the Beat laces us with a new beat titled “Detective Agency 24/7.” A nice fusion of styles ranging from trip-hop, lo fi, and boom-bap. There is so much to unpack here from the smooth vocal samples, dreamy textures, and anthemic horns that come in every now and then.
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PHYLLO – “hrdtofind”

“hrdtofind” is an r&b tinged beat from PHYLLO‘s latest beat tape Bento Box. The beat in question is a cleverly chopped sample layered over a punchy backdrop. Well crafted and hits the mark.
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Lone.Wolf – “Lazarus”

“Lazarus” by Lone.Wolf is a nostalgia-inducing beat that is ripe with lush textures and soft drums. It’s very reflective and suitable for reading or just something to relax the mind after a hard day’s work




Skill Syrup – “Feeling Dread”

Skill Syrup really grabbed our attention with this hard-hitting instrumental titled “Feeling Dread.” It’s a nice blend of rich electric guitars, dark somber textures, and punchy drums to match.
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Michi – “Flieg mit durchs All”

German producer Michi raises the stakes on his new instrumental “Flieg mit durchs All.” It’s so out the box and takes elements from 80s pop, rock, and electronic sensibilities.
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Johnboybeats – “Refresh”


“Refresh” is a chilling lo-fi instrumental by Johnboybeats. It’s really mellow and the blend of keys, warm basslines, guitars, and accordion sure works perfectly.
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Socotra – “Marmalade”

Socotra comes through with a nice chilling beat titled “Marmalade.” I like the blend of soft but punchy drums and dreamy textures that relaxes the mind.
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L33M is an emerging producer from Des Moines, IA. who caught our ears with his new release “SKYLINE.” A smooth laidback piano-driven beat.




Bill – “New York City”

“New York City” is a soothing lo fi beat sent to us courtesy of producer Bill who has been featured on our site before. The beat is quite somber and reflective. Sounds perfect for background lounge vibes.




Cologne – “Wide Open”

Hamburg-based Multi-Instrumentalist/producer Cologne makes his debut on our list with his lead single “Wide Open.” a laid-back reflective piece ripe with lush acoustic guitars, warm basslines, and uplifting vibes.




Nefarious Aquarius – “Off The Walls”

Nefarious Aquarius makes good use of lush synths for his new beat “Off The Walls.” The drums are snappy and somewhat soft but well layered with vibrant textures.




Krisengebeat – “Boom Bap”

Krisengebeat goes back to the good old 90s with “Boom Bap.” A grimy cinematic beat ripe with dusty reflective sounds and hard drums reminiscent of early Havoc production style.




Yvan Poisson – “Horizontal Beat”

“Horizontal Beat” by producer Yvan Poisson is as eclectic as they come. The drum arrangement is sparse and makes use of soothing horns and sparkling sounds that appear every now and then.
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Moon Paw Print – “TEXAS”


Irish music producer Moon Paw Print closes out our list with the multi-layered offbeat release titled “TEXAS.” The track is inspired by his experiences in the city of Austin and it’s quite engulfing. He layers quite a number of soulful chops, dynamic sound designs, and moreover a snappy drum break.

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