It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Dorothe Mosh – “By Field”

Dorothe Mosh makes a solid debut on our list with this smooth alluring beat titled “By Field.” the instrumental has a very emotional and reflective feel about it and it’s very layered as well. Hit the play button and enjoy.




Acr0bat – “voyager”

Acrobat brings back the vibes of the 80s on this new beat titled “voyager.” The beat has a smooth, ethereal soundscape peppered with an obscure Japanese narration. It’s quite engaging and the drums hit hard. The track is taken from his new beat tape, Quarantape.




Bonafuku Beatz – “Mud (Instrumental)”


Bonafuku Beatz‘s laces a bouncy beat for the list titled “Mud (Instrumental).” He goes for a blend of synths and leads that feed off each other over his hard trap drums. Interesting mix and it’s well-crafted too. Get it on Apple Music.





Logicoma – “Forlorn”

Baltimore based producer/DJ Logicoma delivers a blend of solemn strings and lush bell-like sounds on his beat titled “Forlorn.” “Forlorn” is taken from his new Logibeats Volume 3 project





HaTom – “With You – Instrumental”

French producer/guitarist HaTom’s “With You ” beat has a very upbeat vibe and it’s peppered with ethereal textures and smooth strings to match as well.




Prizm Wizard – “Wormwood Premonitions”


Prizm Wizard returns with his brand of cinematic soundscapes and delivers a gripping beat titled “Wormwood Premonitions.” A reflective piece crafted with engulfing textures, lush guitars and a head-nodding drum pattern. This is solid from start to finish. Get it on Spotify and Soundcloud.




Scottie Royal – “Smoke & Mirrors”


Scottie Royal takes us down memory lane with “Smoke & Mirrors.” A laid-back, soothing beat made up of warm thumping basslines, keys and soulful horns. The beat is featured on his new instrumental compilation Reflections
Get it on bandcamp.





Red The Chef – “Lush”


Red The Chef displays his lo-fi crafting skills on his new beat “Lush.” He layers soothing textures and ethereal melodic flutes over a head-nodding drum groove to compelte the job. “Lush” is the first single from his forthcoming ‘Here and There’ EP.




Wisemind – “Keepin It Real’


Producer Wisemind goes for a nostalgia-inducing vibe on his beat titled “Keepin It Real.” he makes use of layered sounds which rise to a crescendo on the chorus section and soft drums to match.




Sweeps – “Nearly There”


The producer who goes by the moniker Sweeps delivers some good old lo-fi freshness with his new beat “Nearly There.” The laid back drums are matched by the lush, melodic textures that engulfs the listener as soon as the play button is touched. Get it on Soundcloud and Apple Music.




Simpll sin – “Alcatras”

Swiss producer Simpll sin brings a different vibe on “Alcatras.” The drums here are magnificent and sure drives the beat as the soft, alluring textures rise to a plateau. Get it on all DSPs here.




Sean Hurwitz – “Floating On Air”


Producer/guitarist Sean Hurwitz makes his debut on TWIB with this solemn piece titled “Floating On Air.” As the title suggests, the beat has a very atmospheric and soul-lifting vibe that makes it stand out. It’s very layered and exudes a distinct melancholic feel that everyone can latch on to. Get it on Apple Music and Soundcloud.
FYI: Sean Hurwitz is the Lead guitarist for “Smash Mouth” (as well as Enrique Iglesias, Anna Nalick and others).




The Comfy Unknown – “Uni Tea”


The Comfy Unknown is the Lofi chill-hop music project of multi-instrumentalist and composer Scott Mills. His newest single “Uni Tea” is a soothing beat that captures the lo-fi essence with its ethereal and sublime textures laced against soft drums. Get it on Apple Music, Youtube, and Deezer.

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