Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.







SMILEZ – “I Hate My Ex”

Emo-rapper SMILEZ helps open up our list with “I Hate My Ex”, a vicious heartbreak song that explores unrequited love and overall toxicity within his former relationship. Bolstered by a solemn guitar-laden backdrop, the rapper shares a vivid tale of emotional heartbreak that we all can relate to. He pours his heart on wax and delivers a solid performance that showcases his versatility and songwriting range as well.

The accompanying self-directed/self-edited visuals make use of subtle motifs and colourful aesthetics that tap into his pain and bring the song to life.


Inna Meth – “Purplez”


UK-based hip-hop crew Inna Meth caught our ears with their newest release “Purplez“. The sombre track is made up of an ominous and solemn backdrop that serves as the perfect soundscape for the rapper’s vivid and insightful bars that keep listeners locked from start to finish. The crew is made up of four emcees/producers Grand Sutra, Gambit, Lplate and Slim Brown. “Purplez” is the latest single from UK crew, Inna Meth, as they prepare to release their forthcoming full-length project.

Inna Meth is comprised of Grand Sutra, Gambit, Lplate and Slim Brown, who formed the crew after a series of releases, both as solo artists, and collaborations between the four artists themselves. The new formation comes after a couple of years of personal growth and mental relaxation, with the quartet now ready to bring their music to the world.


Darian Smith Jr x The Most High Sav – “MIKE & KEYS”


Darian Smith Jr and The Most High Sav share the visuals for their song “MIKE & KEYS”. The soulful backdrop takes precedence with its arresting tone and is underpinned by unapologetic and reflective bars. The visuals make use of performance shots and retro-styled DIY effects that make it quite endearing and engaging. This is the third installment to #DSMITHSATURDAYS.




Scottie Royal x SkyBlew – “Sapphire Rubies”

Scottie Royal and SkyBlew team up for “Sapphire Rubies”, a smooth soulful tune that blends conscious and introspective bars with a touch of bravao. The visual is colourful and makes use of performance shots with special visual effects that make it psychedelic and atmospheric in certain ways.


Kount Fif x Bobby J From Rockaway x Empuls x Copywrite x Slug – “Prized Horse (Remix)” prod. by Kount Fif


Kount Fif , Bobby J From Rockaway, Empuls, Copywrite and Slug team up for “Prized Horse (Remix)”. The posse cut produced by Kount Fif is as dark as they come and is filled by a fusion of bravado and insightful bars from all the emcees who bring their A-Game. In the video, Kount Fif made his decision – facing the fear many of us face – falling from a perfectly good airplane and making it out in 1 piece. Pre-Order “D.A.D.O.E.S” (Do Androids Dream Of Electronic Sheep) now via Man Bites Dog Records Bandcamp – 100 copies only!

Cherri V – “Ready 4 Love”

Cherri V returns to our playlist with “Ready 4 Love”, a mellow love ballad that explores the emotions that come out of unrequited love. Over a stripped-down soundscape made up of a lush acoustic guitar arrangement, Cherri V captivates listeners with her commanding vocals and relatable lyrics that dig deep into unfulfilled desires and the yearning for a love that may never be reciprocated. “Ready 4 love” is the third offering from Cherri’s forthcoming album The Red Journal Out in August


TAM – “Loneliness”

Rising Berlin-based singer/songwriter TAM shares the live performance of her song “Loneliness” taken from her new EP, Reflections. Backed by the rich and warm arrangement by an array of contributors ranging from Berlin-based artist and producer Llucid and Cologne-based producer Greedo, with Tim Sensbach on guitar (including live guitarist Noah See) and David Thornton on bass (live with Zoe Wees, Schmyt, Max Giesinger, among others), TAM delivers heartwarming and spirited performance. The lyrics are contemplative and dive into the idea of realizing one’s worth and removing oneself from any form of negativity or toxicity.

The song is accompanied by an acoustic video, shot by visuals experts Jaqui Dresen and Tilo Wandelt in the Orangerie of Limusic Studios in the South of France.





Ninja Kidsoul – “Face 2 Face”

German-American neo-soul artist Ninja Kidsoul shares the visuals for his single “Face 2 Face”, a heartfelt and reflective tune that explores inner anxiety, self-doubt and the ups and downs of success/failures. Over a lush and somewhat moody piano-driven backdrop, Ninja Kidsoul takes us through the journey of a man fighting internal and external demons alike and how he ultimately finds his true self within the madness. Armed with his distinct melodic style, the singer delivers a solid and emotionally powerful performance that grips the ears from start to finish.

The visual really ups the ante with it’s gloomy and ominous story boarding and expressive motifs that tap into the main theme of the track.



Jessica Antoine – “Kremas”.

Uprising Caribbean-Haitian singer/songwriter Jessica Antoine help close out the video playlist with “Kremas”. The singer teams up with Grammy Award winner Elijah Blake and Matthew Finn (MAETA) who laces her with a sublime afro pop-infused backdrop to paint sensual pictures of love between two individuals. The visuals give the song life with its love theme and expressive motifs that capture Jessica’s unique style in all its glory.

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