We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Wav Runr – “Prelude”

Wav Runr’s “Prelude” is a solemn and nostalgia-inducing piece ripe with moody synths, strings, and sublime textures. It’s quite reflective and takes listeners down memory lane.


David Walke – “Jewel Key”

David Walke thrills us with some good old jazz-boom-bap fusion in his new single “Jewel Key.” A blend of smooth horns, chords, and dusty drum breaks to complete the mission.

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Hak Black – “Whiskey Clap”

Hak Black‘s “Whiskey Clap” is an upbeat and soulful jam ripe with dreamy textures, rousing drum grooves, and rich guitar plucks to match.

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Bluestaeb – “PHANTOM PAIN – Instrumental”


“PHANTOM PAIN”, the focus track to the Instrumental version of Bluestaeb’s eponymous GISEKE LP is a mid-tempo head-nodding tune. Ripe with crisp guitars, pulsating basslines, and hypnotic textures that slowly engulf the ears.

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Mr. Freed – “Granit”

Austrian producer Mr. Freed drops a summery jam titled “Granit” on our list. The track is a blend of lofi keys, lush flutes and warm soundscapes over a punchy drum groove.

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Chatterless – “I Don’t Know”

Chatterless gives us that soothing hammock vibe son his new release titled “I Don’t Know.” A blend of relaxing tones, sublime textures and soft drums to take away the stress of the day.

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Stay Nice – “To The Island”

Stay Nice‘s “To The Island” is a nostalgia-inducing piece that makes use of lush guitar riffs, mellow keys, and soothing aesthetics to keep listeners locked in from start to finish.

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3summers – “From Me”

Canadian producer 3summers brings that classic soul vibe in his new release “From Me.” He flips a soulful vocal sample laced with moody strings and reflective textures over punchy drum grooves.






Essam Sami – “The City Waits for you”

Essam Sami makes his entrance on our list with “The City Waits for you” taken from his old stash. The track has a moody and solemn vibe with layered guitar riffs and soothing tones.





Billy Hammer – “water”

Billy Hammer‘s newest release “water” was inspired by the rains in Topanga, after which everything radiated with life and lushness. From the lush keys, smooth guitar riffs, warm basslines and sublime violin strings, he crafts an uplifting and soulful piece that we all can feel deeply


Richard Green – “Blue Rain”

Italian producer Richard Green caught our ears with his guitar-laden single titled “Blue Rain.” The pop instrumental is mellow, reflective, and quite groovy as well.

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Wavey Singh – “Gold BBS’s”

Wavey Singh delivers a somber and soulful piece titled “Gold BBS’s” which showcases his knack for crafting off-kilter lofi sounds. The production is sublime, layered, and keeps one’s attention from start to finish.
This track is the first single from Wavey Singh’s forthcoming tape The 850i Tape.

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Sincere Leone – “Views”

Sincere Leone brings that the nostalgic feeling in his new release titled “Views.” He makes use of reflective tones for his synths, keys, and warm textures. The drums are somewhat punchy and sparse but it works well.

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JD BASSY brings in warm summer vibes in his new release titled “SAN FRAN.” Blending synth basslines, atmospheric textures and short vocal samples and a solid drum groove to complete the mission.



NES – “Dancing On The Moon”


Japanese producer NES makes his entry on our list with “Dancing On The Moon” a lofi boombap jam ripe with jazzy elements. from the somber horns, low tone chords and punchy drums, nothing could go wrong.

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ODDstatus x Yogic Beats – “Small Talk”

“Small Talk” is a guitar-laden soulful track from ODDstatus and Yogic Beats. The duo has teamed up to continue their weekly instrumental releases and “Small Talk” is something worthwhile. It’s quite relaxing, somber, and ideal for your study playlist.

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Gruber Han$ – “Daybreak”

Gruber Han$ switches his style on “Daybreak” where he blends trap and electronic elements in a unique way. The layered instrumentation is solid and the drums are punchy as well.



sndwn. – “Daydream”


sndwn. returns to our list this week with “Daydream” an upbeat bass heavy jam that is ripe with uplifting synths and horns and some other interesting textures. “Daydream” is the second track from an instrumental A/B single. Both tracks are lush with instruments and ambiances but have smacking drums and 808s to keep the groove alive.

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Sweeps & NK Music – “right now”


Lo-fi hip-hop and trip-hop producer, Sweeps, teams up with frequent collaborator and multi-instrumentalist, NK Music for this release titled “right now.” The instrumental is a somber, reflective piece ripe with lush tones, smooth guitar riffs and a solid groove to match. It is taken from the duo’s 3 track project.

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Momot – “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” (Hip-Hop version) (Tchaikovsky Cover)”


Momot flips the classic piece “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” into a modern day hip-hop banger. He makes use of the original chords and strings but he pumps up the energy with thick drums and basslines and the result is unexpectedly awesome.

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Zeke Powers – “Race to the Sky”


Zeke Powers closes out this list with “Race to the Sky” which is his 3rd lofi instrumental release. The track has a dark piano riff and moody textures layered over somewhat punchy drums. It’s quite cinematic and holds one’s attention as well.

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