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Cadillac Freeze – Candy.

Cadillac Freeze goes the less travelled road for the visual of his song “Candy”. A love laden track that sees the rapper pen an ode to his significant other over a laid back jazz influenced backdrop. The video is pretty crisp and clean too.

Jamar Carr – Gave Em Hope

“Gave Em Hope” feat. Rich Da God is the first single off Jamar Carr‘s  upcoming EP titled “Hidden Jewels: The New York Diaries”.. After releasing the socially conscious & politically charged project , “Politically Incorrect: Wealth In The Ghetto“; Jamar comes through with another thought provoking record in his usual demeanor.


Escapism – SitCalm

Escapism is a four piece collective consisting of: writer, vocalist, producer, engineer, guitarist, bassist, percussionist and executive producer Tabinstereo, writer and producer Taboo, vocalist JadeGritty and producer, A.U.R.C.

SitCalm wants for nothing except to petition its listeners to hold on to the moment for as long as humanly possible; to take off that coat of disassociation and toast to life with the walking wounded. Crafted in the vein of the existentialist credo (eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die), this audible silver lining seeks to have its audience stay in the ever present moment in perpetuity for it realizes felicity and conviviality are fleeting and momentary at best. Defying conventional wisdom, the euphonic melody somehow finds harmonious accordance with the anxious under current which exhorts us to live in the existential now in an almost desperate manner. Ultimately, it is meant as an intermission and respite from painful introspection and arduous exploration of self crafted catastrophes that both life and the rest of the album provides; it’s escapism escaping from itself.




‘ANBU’ is a short soliloquy concerning Loneraysh‘s relationship with cannabis touching on the events and effects that have taken place for good or bad. Utilizing a brooding backdrop, the rapper kicks his thoughts on wax with lines like ‘…This s**t Kew Gardens, clinging round autumns/ I pick and roll like Al Horford...’



GTM Chima – High Hopes (Prod. by Ashlen Jordan)


“High Hopes is the newest released single off of GTM Chima’s EP “1995 Novice” that will be dropping Summer 2018. This song was produced by fellow GTM member Ashlen Jordan, who will be producing GTM Chima’s whole EP. GTM La Familia, out of Oakland, CA, have been on the rise and slowly catching buzz as they continue to create their own sound. For more music from GTM Chima check out his Soundcloud and Spotify.”


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