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JoeyBags – “Sense of Time”

JoeyBags  delivers an introspective and heartfelt single titled “Sense of Time.” Over a soulful and ethereal backdrop, he details the daily struggles we all must face and the need to savor the moments that make us happy.

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Ello. C x Timba – “Crowded Places”

Sydney, Australia-based lyricist Ello. C teams up with singer Timba for this heartfelt track titled”Crowded Places.” Backed by a solemn guitar-driven instrumental, Ello. C delivers a solid performance littered with evocative lyrics about self worth and embracing the nuances of life. Timba comes through with a smooth melodic performance that ties it up together.

Ello. C grew up in multicultural West Sydney. His family emigrated to Auckland, NZ from Manila, Philippines in the 90s, before settling in Australia in the 2000’s. The soundtrack of Ello’s youth was eclectic, influenced by his fathers love of classic rock & his mother’s affection for old school R&B. He found inspiration with hiphop & alternative rock by age 13. Recording freestyles over instrumental beat tapes, relentlessly developing lyrical intricacy while learning to audio engineer. With appreciation for many rap era’s, he’s kept audiences intrigued with blends of boom-bap, future melodic & experimental sounds.

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Nino DirtyFresh – “Throw It Back”


Nino DirtyFresh reflects on a soured relationship in his new single “Throw It Back.” Over a slick guitar riff, dark textures, and drums, Nino details his reservations and being caught up in a situation that could be messy.

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Suave Colione – “Sitcom Love”

Suave Colione takes us through the dynamics of marriage and love in his new single titled “Sitcom Love.” Backed by a solemn, piano-driven backdrop, Colione gives us an engaging and evocative performance,

Trece Vee – “Arthur Fleck”


Trece Vee’s “Arthur Fleck” is an off-kilter track that is built on a jazzy sample chopped over crunchy drums. The lyrics are engaging and have more of a stream of consciousness feel.

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Afrado – “Lucky number 6”

Afrado gets introspective on his new release “Lucky number 6.” A solemn and reflective piece that explores loyalty, broken friendships, and self-growth.
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Njeri Earth – “Only U / The Jewel”


Njeri Earth comes through with an uplifting track titled “Only U / The Jewel” which aims to motivate and encourage the listener to be proud of their individuality and their talents. The track is quite vibrant and has a retro sample expertly weaved into the bouncy backdrop.

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CSTY – “Feels Good” (feat. WYLDE)


CSTY and WYLDE team up for an off-kilter collaboration titled Feels Good”. Backed by a cinematic backdrop, the emcees deliver unique performances ranging from fast-paced flows, vivid lyrics, and more.

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Jamar Carr – “Blessings” (feat. Rich Da God)


NY emcee Jamar Carr takes time to count his “Blessings,” the bass-heavy piano-driven beat sees him teaming up with Rich Da God. The result is solid performances from both rappers as they run through their blessings in these crazy times.



Jehdi – “The Carter Job”


Jehdi returns to the forefront with this conceptual track titled “The Carter Job.” Over a cinematic and punchy backdrop, Jehdi details a tale of a heist o all assets owned by Jay Z. He does it with a blend of wordplay and engaging rhyme schemes as well.


Zack Kahn – “Let Me Tell Ya”


NJ emerging rap artist Zack Kahn gives us a glimpse into his life in his new single “Let Me Tell Ya” A gloomy, hard-hitting beat that details his rough upbringing and keen determination to overcome the hurdles across his way.
“Let Me Tell Ya” is the first song from his forthcoming album, Don’t Talk, Just Listen” (DTJL), as a single. DTJLs official release date is January 3rd, 2022. This song, along with most of the album, was inspired by Zack’s recent journey into sobriety, and like the song itself, it isn’t always pretty.

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Ma$k On – “Don’t Settle”


Indie artist Ma$k On makes his appearance on our list with “Don’t Settle” an off-kilter track that sees him in his element. From his vivid lyrics and stylish flow, he sure hit the mark.


No Play x Mysonne x Drama B – “Praying Hands ll”


“Praying Hands ll” is a collaborative effort between No Play, Mysonne and Drama B. A heartfelt track that explores life as a whole and how we can get caught up in it.

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Coherent – “Mariana Trench”

Coherent takes us deep into his world with “Mariana Trench” a mellow and solemn track that sees him in his element.

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NugLife – “How We Roll”


NugLife starts off the year with the summer vibes of “How We Roll.” Bolstered by the crisp solemn guitars and smokey textures, NugLife delivers a solid tune to ride to.


Sycosis x Burras – “You Know Why”


Sycosis x Burras closes out his music campaign with “You Know Why” an upbeat bass-heavy jam produced by Kontrabandz. Sycosis sets it up with his engaging flow and brings Burras to join him on the track as well.

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Jack Dawkins – “Spazmatic Asthmatic”


Jack Dawkins shows us how he gets down with the lyrical styling in his new single “Spazmatic Asthmatic.” Over a bright and somewhat punchy backdrop, Dawkins blends his fun demeanor with evocative lyrics and the result is an engaging piece that listeners can rock with.

D Monnzy – “Dreamcatcher, Pt. 2”

D Monnzy caught our ears with “Dreamcatcher, Pt. 2” which is the second edition of his previous release of the same name. The track is built on a mid-tempo and cinematic backdrop and sees the rapper delivering pure vivid bravado-laden bars without gimmicky hooks.

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Jonnie Kilroy – “It’s a New Day”


Jonnie Kilroy shares his new single “It’s a New Day” which serves as the ultimate celebratory song about his childhood and growth as a man and an artist. The track is the first single from Jonnie Kilroy’s upcoming album The Popcorn Tape, set to release on January 29, 2022.



jonnychang x Hunter Beatz – “MATCH”

jonnychang and Hunter Beatz‘s “MATCH” is an honest heartfelt track that explores the complications of his relationships with weed. Every relationship’s complicated. Here’s a song I made about weed.


Rural Resonance x BadTalks – “Apartment”

Rural Resonance teams up with BadTalks for a reflective and thoughtful track titled “Apartment.” Backed by Rural Resonance’s experimental backdrop, BadTalks takes time to reflect on the dynamics of isolation and the need to redefine and inspire oneself.

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TUBBZ – “Reflection”


UK emcee TUBBZ‘s “Reflection” is a rundown of the year’s event. Over a somber and punchy backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into some of his thoughts as he moves into the new year with no regrets.



Flash E Williams – “Really”


Flash E Williams closes out the list with “Really” which showcases the rapper’s stylish flow and off-kilter lyrics. Backed by the gloomy backdrop provided by DJ Hadouken, Flash E Williams delivers a blend of bravado, engaging rhyme scheme laced with humor and wit.
Find more about his music here.

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