Once again, we are back with 5 solid beats for y’all to vibe to. The producers have put in more work than you can imagine so please show them some love by streaming and sharing their glorious works.



Rio – Delivered

Rio is a 15-year-old producer from Portland Oregon. We got his newest beat titled “Delivered”, a beat he made using a mix of trap drums and other elements recorded and sampled while he was in Hawaii. 

Desire Beats – Mysitc

Desire Beats bring back a whole new vibe to the beats on this one. Cinematic and dark sounds reign supreme here.

Lowkey Lu – Home.

Lowkey Lu. is an independent rapper/producer from Ireland. He used to be a member of a group early on and started making beats at the age of 14. He is currently studying sound engineering in college and making beats in his home studio. Check out his latest tune “Home”, a mixed bag of sounds and vibes anyone can bop their head to.



EyeLoveBrandon – Earth and Sky.

EyeLoveBrandon musical style is an eclectic blend of hip-hop, jazz, lounge, and latin flavors. Tough beats move alongside swirling strings, soundtrack-ish atmospheres, and nostalgic orchestral arrangements, all seemingly lifted from obscure vinyl thrift store finds in the sunny retirement capitol.




CASTRO HUNGER – cambodia.

Young , Michigan based producer Castro Hunger delivers a brilliant instrumental titled “Cambodia”.  He definitely flipped that classic sample on some proper tings.


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