We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high quality tracks just to settle for just 5. Now that is what we call dedication , so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Kaj Kadence – Just Do It

Rising emcee Kaj Kadence revels in the mindstate of a go-getter on his new release “Just Do It”. Over a bouncy trap backdrop, he details his work ethic and determination to reach the apex while urging others to do the same. In his own words, he says the song is ” for both ends of the spectrum, the winners and losers, a true anthem. Anyone with a dream can relate”



Stoyan – Nothing Something.

Sydney based rapper/producer Stoyan delivers some poignant lessons on his reflective single “Nothing Something”. Over a soul-filled, acoustic backdrop he talks about his passion and love for hip-hop. He kicks it off from when he started writing his own lyrics and pursuing his dream without divulging it to anyone so he wasn’t under a lot of pressure.

Since debuting his live show, Stoyan has supported the likes of Ivan Ooze, Coda Conduct and The Tongue. He has performed in venues all over Sydney



Paradame – Cobra CMDR.

Seattle-based experimental hip-hop act Paradame taps into the G.I Joe universe to deliver this trap fuelled cut titled “Cobra CMDR”. Over an ethereal soundscape, she delivers a sultry performance while making references to the classic Hasbro cartoon. In the visual (shot by J.Lee Mezus), she plays the roles of Cobra Commander, Snake, & Baroness while her back up dancers plays the Iron Grenadiers.

“Cobra CMDR” is off her album Aye! Priori which can be purchased on iTunes



Jamar Carr – Sellin’ Dope (Prod. Lugia Beats)

Jamar Carr delivers another sociopolitical track in the form of his new single “Sellin’ Dope”. He teams up with Lugia beats who craft a bouncy backdrop that is quite different from the gritty boombap sounds we are used to hearing Carr on. Regardless the message still gets conveyed despite the different medium.



kosha dillz –Back n’ Forth ft. Ballyhoo!

Kosha Dillz shows us the pros and cons of the music industry on “Back n’ Forth”. On this one, he teams up with Maryland pop-punk reggae outfit Ballyhoo!  who craft a bright bouncy backdrop for Dillz to fully break down the industry has become more evil and treacherous and how he is avoiding the pitfalls. The song was created in a basement in Maryland while Kosha was doing a 90-day street performance experiment, where he performed every single day on the street for 90 days in a row.

“Back n’ Forth” is the first single from Kosha DIllz’ upcoming album, Nobody Cares Except You, which will be released in late October / Early November under his own imprint.




Sammy Adams – Action

Boston based Sammy Adams’s new song “Action” is a smooth record that is pure honesty at its peak. Using a groovy, soulful backdrop, he crafts a tuneful record for the summer that everyone can easily vibe and relate to.



BBXO – 3 (feat. Nanocore)

BBXO returns with their message filled style of experimental hip-hop on their new song “3”. The song has a nice anthemic bounce provided by producer, remixer and DJ Nanocore who blends the worlds of edm, R&B and hip-hop. On the top line, BBXO frontman Musa Okwonga delivers a poignant message about being true to oneself regardless of the situation.



P-Rawb – Good Company

The duo of P-RAWB and Big O drop some good old head nodding vibes on their new single “Good Company”. The backdrop is groovy and soulful and P-RAWB  stays true to the game with his smooth and powerful delivery and of course razor sharp lyrics.

Get “Good Company” on iTunes and Bandcamp



WAJU – Don’t Rush (with AIYA).

We wrap up this week’s list with some soulful goodness from producer Waju and vocalist Aiya. The record in question is titled “Don’t Rush”, a downtempo, surreal song that feeds into the concepts of patience and self-restraint. Itis emotionally powerful and gripping


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