Israeli-American rapper Kosha Dillz shares the visuals for his song “Bring The Family Home”. The song “Bring The Family Home” was penned following the news of Hamas’ most recent attack on Israel. Within just a few days Kosha Dillz (aka Rami Even-Esh), had written “Bring the Family Home” and recorded a stunning video shot in old Jewish New York on the Lower East Side that includes shots of the famous Yonah Schimmel’s Knishery and the new Beastie Boys Square. Always the one to speak out for causes, kosha Dillz continues to wage his thoughts on any antisemitic faction and like his Kanye West diss a while back, the rapper takes another stab to address the ongoing conflict in Isreal and Palestine with a special dart towards Hamas and other similar terrorist organizations that silently wage war on his people.


Kosha is a New Jersey native who was born to Israeli parents. He is a successful independent artist who has toured the globe with everyone from SZA to Matisyahu and is known widely from his recent appearance on VH1’s Wild ‘N Out.


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