We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Kryple – “Want it All”

Budding emcee Kryple kicks off the list with a gripping and uplifting track titled “Want It All”. Backed by a solemn and hard-hitting trap infused beat, Kryple peppers it with his most innermost thoughts regarding success. Not the type to held back by negative thoughts, he displays pure will and determination and hopes the listener can use it for days when motivation is low. The visual was directed by Stuey Kubrick .


Lucky Kaleem – “Woah Now”

Artist/Producer Lucky Kaleem showcases his unbridled flow and style on his new track titled “Woah Now”. The Charlotte, NC emcee is all about his craft on this tune and delivers a solid verse over the laid-back smooth instrumental. Lucky Kaleem has been making music since 11 years old and can play 13 different instruments. Lucky Kaleem was previously offered two major record deals but respectfully declined to perfect working on music more.

Get it on Spotify.


 Dee Wallz – “Super Mario World”

Dee Wallz returns with another bravado laced song titled “Super Mario World”. He laces the smooth, dreamy beat with his distinct flow and solid lyrics with some references to the classic video game.


Kiahna – “COLD”

Kiahna bursts thru the doors with her new song titled “COLD”, a clever song that showcases her vocal dexterity and versatility. Backed by a dynamic and layered soundscape, she delivers a smooth and sultry performance that gives life to her heartbreaker status. She doesn’t mince words as she warns the guys that once you enter her crosshairs, it’s game over from there on. Get it on all DSPs here.



Delusionists – “North Star”

3 man hip-hop outfit from South London who goes by the moniker Delusionists share their new record entitled “North Star” with us. The laid-back track sees the emcees Ben Black (verse 1 and hook) and Charles Edison (verse 2) deliver an uplifting message of going out to achieve your goals. “North Star” is for anyone who has ever felt that the odds are stacked against them, to let them know that – with self-belief and determination – they can be who or what they want to be. Everyone’s a star and everyone can shine. “North Star” was the first song recorded for their new EP ‘Clouds.’
Delusionists were in the wilderness dealing with adult life, music taking a backseat, but after facing and overcoming a number of life obstacles (family illness, a broken marriage, drug addiction) the group wanted to return with a message of hope and triumph. Get it on Spotify



Charles Hamilton – “Ralph Nader”

Charles Hamilton is back on some futuristic tip with the release of his new video “Ralph Nader”. The off-beat track sees the “Brooklyn Girl” hitmaker back on his grind delivering a stream of consciousness raps laced with his unique wit and wordplay. Directed by longtime visual collaborator Markus “MK” Allen; the video marks the first release under Charles’ new media company Standard Sound.
He is currently working on new material under this new venture and we are here for it.



Obi Khan – “Blood of Bantu (Tribal Mix)”

Obi Khan teams up with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox on a new gritty boom-bap record titled “Blood of Bantu (Tribal Mix)”. The duo waste no time as they bring nothing but thought-provoking lyricism over the gloomy backdrop provided by Thanos Beats
This track is off his new upcoming LP releasing July 5th called ‘The Obi Files Vol. 2!’. The album is only available on Bandcamp.




Khalmplex – “Dirty”

Khalmplex goes down into the dark regions on “Dirty” as he takes the listener into the life of a young man trying to make his way through the economic madness. The fiery emcee delivers a passionate performance over the dark trap infused track provided by Lytton Scott.

Khalmplex is a gangster/trap rap artist in San Antonio, Texas with a dominating, truth-based style. “Money doesn’t make me,” he said, going on “my main goal is to empower the powerless and give a voice to those forced to believe they’re speechless.” This is why Khalmplex matters and anyone who cares about true hip-hop needs to hear him tonight.
Get it on Spotify



Tongue Helmet – “Cartoon Kool-Aid Kids”


Tongue Helmet is a musical collaboration between Timbuktu, Danny Miles, Peter Project(Coins) and DJiRATE. Their new record is a vibrant joint titled “Cartoon Kool-Aid Kids”. Backed by lively grooves, cinematic guitars and fiery lyricism by emcee Timbuktu, the song shows how they blend the old and the new without losing the musical integrity.
The project provides a unique, updated look at a classic psychedelic hip-hop sound. Anyone who is a fan of Deltron 3030, Beastie Boys (think Paul’s Boutique) or Beck (Odelay era), will find themselves vibing to Tongue Helmet.
“Cartoon Kool-Aid Kids” is taken from the group’s upcoming project ‘Psychotropic Ape’. Get it on Apple Music and Spotify



Glass Meadow – “Fourmula”

Producer/Rapper Glass Meadow shares the official visual to his song “Fourmula”. The track is a concept record that shows the versatility of the rapper. The song consists of four different verses showcasing different styles hence the spelling on ‘fourmula’. The video was done entirely DIY with Glass Meadow and two of his friends. To be honest, they did a very excellent job.
Get it on Soundcloud and Spotify below

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