We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.
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Akilah Divine – “Tribe”

Baltimore, MD based multi-talented artist Akilah Divine marks her entry on our list with an insightful single titled “Tribe” that dwells on the plight of African Americans who have to deal with systemic racism and much more. Over a booming trap-soul infused backdrop, she delivers a solid performance and implores her kinfolk to stay woke in these crazy times.
The visual is directed by Maceo Tendaji,
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Otis Mensah – “40 Years”

Otis Mensah is back with a new single titled “40 Years,” a reference to the biblical struggle of the Israelites, and signifies for Mensah a time of struggle, a time of waiting, and a time of unfulfilled expectations. Backed by a smooth lo-fi infused backdrop, Mensah takes the listener on a journey exploring the quest for inspiration, unfulfilled dreams, and the idea of ‘artistic purgatory.
The track is produced by Edinburgh-based Brelstaff and the animated visuals come from Sheffield illustrator Jim Spendlove.



Dmts – “Generational Wealth”

Dmts takes the “Generational Wealth” issue seriously on his new single/video. He makes use of a dreamy and somewhat nostalgic backdrop to convey his message of financial freedom. He details the need for black folk to invest in themselves and build their wealth from within and focus more of ownership than anything else.
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Khalmplex – “Frank White”

San Antonio, Texas emcee Khalmplex looks at self-growth on “Frank White.” Backed by a haunting vocal-laden backdrop, he tells a story of a gangsta’s come up the tale and how he has to battle the enemies as the walls keep closing in.
He is the last surviving member of a once-prominent crime syndicate now seeking retribution and revenge. His self-titled debut album Khalmplex drops June 20, 2019, and speaks directly to our lost, leaderless world, a world currently drowning in a lack of imagination and belief in itself.


DemarcoTheMan – “Mirrordotcom”



DemarcoTheMan and UK producer WANDER has been cooking up some dopeness for a minute now and they are back with something new titled “Mirrordotcom.”
Their collaborative effort is far from the norm and makes use of experimental soundscapes while DemarcoTheMan delivers off-kilter and sometimes stream of consciousness lyrics that keep the listener guessing.
“Mirrordotcom” is a two-part song from DemarcoTheMan’s upcoming album Oddworld Devotion.


Bundy Goodz – “Lifetime”

Bundy Goodz is threading a new path as he drops “Lifetime,” a soulful single that showcases his deep lyrical style and unique vocal tone. He takes time to detail the dynamics of the street life and how he has gone through hell but he is fully committed to establishing his rap career after being in prison.
“Lifetime” is a single from the EP, The Lazarus Effect.




Abyss – “The Call Out” prod. by HustleMan Beats


Veteran Massachusetts emcee Abyss figuratively “calls in sick” with his latest single “The Call Out.” Backed by the vibrant beat courtesy of Kam of HustleMan Beats, Abyss comes with all guns blazing with witty lyrics and energetic flows.
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Crook Brown – “I’m Sorry Breonna”

Crook Brown expresses his frustrations with the judicial system on his new song “I’m Sorry Breonna.” A solemn, emotional look at the state of affairs that affect minorities.
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Blahk Santa – “Blvc Lives”

Blahk Santa returns with an emotional and upbeat jam titled “Blvc Lives” that explores the plight of black people. Blahk Santa talks about his own experiences from different viewpoints that we all can relate to.
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Alex Mali – “Control”

Alex Mali shares the video for her focus song “Control” a fusion of R&B and dancehall. Armed with her unique smooth flow and the groovy backdrop courtesy of Two Fresh, Mali delivers a catchy uplifting tune that will keep the head nodding.
“Control” is taken from her long-awaited 2nd EP Phenom.
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Kay L.A. – “Crush on You (Remix)”

Kay L.A. takes it back to the 90s with her own take of “Crush on You.” The updated song sees her in her element as she effortlessly glides over the classic instrumental with witty lines like “…when he act right, assume the position/Got more tricks up my sleeve than a magician…”
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Ghostboyrj – “New Motive$”

Emerging rapper Ghostboyrj makes his debut n our list with “New Motive$.” The track has a lo-fi texture and that classic boom bap bounce which fits his smooth flow and somewhat offbeat lyrics. It’s quite solid if you asked us.
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Atwaters ft. J’Nelle – “Reign Supreme”

Atwaters‘s “Reign Supreme” is an insightful and profound look at the history of blacks in America and across the globe. Backed by a solemn, introspective backdrop, he really paints a vivid picture of the challenges black people have faced throughout history while singer J’Nelle delivers a powerful hook that ties it all up. The end of the song features a short speech by Dr. Naim Akbar which nails the overall concept of the song.

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