The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Tony Newbury, Charles Hamilton, Jayla – “Some Days”


Tony Newbury, Charles Hamilton and vocalist Jayla team up for this insightful piece titled “Some Days”. Over a sombre and solemn piano-drive backdrop, the emcees reflect on depression and the daily stress people feel. The lyrics are candid and somewhat melancholic but the sentimental element is much needed in these crazy times.



Prophecy – “Memories” (feat. Violet Helm)

Prophecy teamed up with vocalist Violet Helm for “Memories”, a sublime and sentimental tune that explores good memories that bring us joy. Prophecy shares his thoughts in a candid manner while Violet’s alluring melodies add an emotional depth into the track.



Vince & The Valholla Empire- “Boulders” (feat. White Gold & The Track Burnaz)

Vince & The Valholla Empire team up with White Gold, Adam Dollar$ and the late Pat Knox for “Boulders”. The track has a dark and cinematic feel and is bolstered by rich melodic runs and bravado raps from the emcees.



Sean Jones – “Weekend Lover/ I Want You” – Joel JJ Josephs Remix

Sean Jones‘ latest release “Weekend Lover/ I Want You” is a Joel JJ Joesphs Remix that blends Marvin Gayes‘ “I Want You” with Jones’ silky and sexy vocals and the result is phenomenal.


LoCeRa – “Ride For It Die For It”


LoCeRa brings something menacing and hard-hitting in the form of “Ride For It Die For It”. The track is made up of an ominous piano-laden trap soundscape and its underpinned by his gruff vocals and expressive songwriting.


SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Ghost”.

SomeoneCalledSomeone comes with a hard-hitting track “Ghost” that showcases his stylish rap schemes and commanding vocals. Over the ominous and cinematic soundscape, he embodies the aesthetic of the ghost who slithers through walls and obstacles with ease.


410_fouronezero – “Dreams”

410_fouronezero‘s new single “Dreams” is an aspirational track that will surely get listeners ready for the week. Over a dark and punchy backdrop, the rapper details his rough upbringing and the many hurdles he had to face to get to his goals.



Zair Williams – “INSIDE JOB” (feat. DomoDusse)


Zair Williams delivers his new single “INSIDE JOB” featuring DomoDusse. The bass-heavy trap-infused track showcases his carefree and unassuming flow followed by DomoDusse’s charismatic drawl. This is the first single from Zair Williams’ latest project Humans ARE, The Real Aliens.



ExZac Change – “The Trick”


ExZac Change knows “The Trick” about consistency and determination. Over a bouncy jazzy soundscape, the rapper delivers a much-needed motivational message to inspire the audience. He reminds us that success is a cumulative thing and it’s all about getting up after failing that matters.

Penny Shades – “Way Back”

Nelson BC-based neo/soul quartet Penny Shades caught our attention with  “Way Back”, a solemn offering that blends rich guitar riffs, warm pads, soft drum grooves and layered melodic runs in perfect harmony.









Kaveman Brown – “Man Now” (feat. TreyThaTruth)


Kaveman Brown embodies his masculine frame in his new release “Man Now” featuring the legendary TreyThaTruth. Over a dark ominous soundscape,  both emcees deliver hard-hitting bars with reckless abandon.



Prafecy – “Hip-Hop 50”.


Prafecy pays homage to the culture i n the aptly titled “Hip-Hop 50”. He shares his thoughts on wax and details the origins and highlights of the hip-hop culture and how it affected millions over the globe.




– Multi-faceted duo KAMOBii made up of B Munro and Mo Brandis return to our site with their new single ‘TIL THE MORNING”, a warm enthralling tune that explores the lovelorn feelings for that special someone. The track is the duo’s sophomore single.



Bossmadeempire – Que K – “2 in One”

Bossmadeempire and Que K share “2 in One”, a laidback and reflective tune that explores the rapper’s life and his aspirations for the future. He acknowledges that the road is tough and banks on his own determination and loyal friends to tag along for the ride.




MoFi – “Burden or contribution to society”.


MoFi‘s “Burden or contribution to society”  is a heartfelt and profound look at the consequences of decisions and life choices. Backed by a solemn and somewhat ominous backdrop, the emcee details his own experiences and how they changed his perspective for the better.





GRZLY x Ruin the Poet – “DREAM”


GRZLY and Ruin the Poet join forces to bring us “DREAM”, a soulful piece that explores the past when they were young and filled with hope. Over a summer-tinged backdrop, the duo share with us their passion and dreams while trying to stay afloat in this unforgiving world.


2wiin Kingz – “But Choose” (feat. Tre Isaacs)


Flatbush, Brooklyn-based duo 2wiin Kingz delivers an insightful piece titled “But Choose” featuring Tre Isaacs. Over a bouncy and vibrant soundscape, the emcees share with us their numerous experiences growing up in a not-so-gracious environment and the many characters who shape their lives alongside the decisions they make.





MiTCH and AKTHESAVIOR team up for “SCHEMiN’ “, a dark and hard-hitting tune that is underpinned by fiery raps and menacing production by Laurence Wilkins. The duo embodies the ghoulish energy and delivers solid performances that is not for the faint of heart.



CJFOCU$21 – “VHS Merlo”

CJFOCU$21  taps into the soulful vibes in his new single “VHS Merlo”, which showcases his off-kilter raps. Over a choppy soul sample filled with rousing drum fills, and a rich vocal sample, he states his claim and gives listeners a taste of what to come.




T. Youngs – “All Rise (Remix)”

Rising rapper/producer T. Youngs delivers this solid jam titled “All Rise (Remix)”, an anthemic tune that sees him flexing his verbal muscles. He reminds us that he is ready to go the whole nine to achieve his goals and he is not stopping for nobody.








Michael Kirby – “Black Professional”

Michael Kirby shares with us “Black Professional”, a heartfelt and compelling tune that talks about the complexities of being a black male in the field of urban education. From the lack of experience in leadership roles and the system not being properly set up to aid them, Michael tackles the entire structure and hopefully, the audience will leave with something to ponder and maybe look for a change.



Hella Yella – “Made Of Magic”

Uprising Hella Yella makes his entry on our site with “Made Of Magic”. The track sees him spitting game and flexing his status to the broads and taking no shorts or losses at the same time.




HJ Soul – “Dream of Your Soul”

RnB/Soul Singer-Songwriter HJ Soul shares with us his new single titled “Dream of Your Soul” which sees him reflecting on the daily cycle and how we all get stuck in our blues and not living life as we should.

AFEEGO – “ok ok”

AFEEGO‘s new release “ok ok” is an ode to freedom of creativity and the self and sees the rapper sharing his true thoughts over a bass-heavy backdrop. The backdrop is dynamic and somewhat edgy and his nonconforming performance is expressive and strays from the expected in many ways.


DemarcoTheMan – “iscreamcake”


Over a sombre soundscape produced by JustDan, DemarcoTheMan drops “iscreamcake“, a punchy track that showcases his unfiltered and off-kilter rap style.


TAL THE1 x King Los x KXNG CROOKED – “Weapon of Choice”

“Weapon of Choice” is a verbal assault that sees KXNG Crooked, King Los, Tay Roc and Loaded Lux bringing the heat over producer TAL THE1‘s anthemic soundscape. Made up of live piano, violin, sublime female vocals and a solid drum groove, the emcees bring different styles to the forefront and give listeners something refreshing and dynamic as well.


Perelli2 – “I Get Off”


Uprising rapper Perelli2 delivers his new release titled “I Get Off” and we had to put it out there. The track has a throwback pop sample layered over a punchy drum groove and blends with his off-beat rap style.


Jay Gudda – “Alone”

Jay Gudda delivers his new single “Alone” which talks about the delicate topic of loneliness. Over a sublime and ethereal soundscape made up of warm pads, gloomy textures and punchy drums, Jay takes us through the ups and downs of loneliness, its effects on the mind and how it can make one feel comfortable and disconnected depending on one’s feelings.


Snotty Nose Rez Kids – “I Got Paid Today”

Dynamic rap duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids deliver their first major label-assisted single “I Got Paid Today”. The anthemic tune explores the concept of shopping as a form of therapy and the aftermath of spending money with reckless abandon. Over Boogey The Beat’s bouncy soundscape, the duo takes us on a verbal spending spree. The single features vocal cameos from Tia Wood and Lex Leosis and sets the stage for their forthcoming album, due for release next summer.


DemarcoTheMan – “dustydollas”

“dustydollas” is the latest effort from uprising rapper DemarcoTheMan who keeps changing his sound with each release. On this track, he makes use of a moody and solemn backdrop to share his thoughts on his daily tribulations and struggles.


The Colour – “Bad to the Bone”


South African artist The Colour is as multi-faceted as they come and on his new release “Bad to the Bone”, he reinforces his genre-bending style to the core. Over a dreamy and atmospheric backdrop, he delivers sultry melodic runs with heartfelt lyrics.

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