We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Claytonisokay – “Planet Prison”


New York raised indie act Claytonisokay shares his brand of infused hip-hop with the release of his new single “Planet Prison.” The track is a guitar-laden piece that sees him detailing how we live day to day in a societal prison.
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Hendrix Harris x Cimafunk x Barbaro ‘El Urbano’ Vargas – “Caliente En El Frio”

Fast rising talent Hendrix Harris links up with Cimafunk and Barbaro ‘El UrbanoVargas, 2 of Cuba’s most exciting and boundary pushing artists on the new single “Caliente En El Frio”. Fusing the different influences of all three artists, the new single leans on bold trap elements, lifted with a soulful edge with each act dropping insightful lyrics while representing their backgrounds.
The video was shot in La Habana by Martin JAY, and follows the trio as they tread the streets and show love to the locals of Marianao, “Caliente En El Frio” is a celebration of all things real in Cuba and the beauty that lies within it.
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KunD! – “Nightbounce”

Emerging South Georgia native KunD! makes his debut appearance on TWIB with this smooth catchy tune titled “Nightbounce.” The self-produced song is built on soft alluring synths and a mid-tempo trap groove, KunD! delivers a memorable melodic performance as he implores the listener to always look at the bright side of life. The song is a single off of his upcoming EP, O, Solemn Night: The Pvrple Tapes, set to drop June 30th.
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JONES – “Giving It Up” (Remix by Joe Hertz)

Indie-pop act JONES‘s “Giving It Up” gets a smooth Remix by producer Joe Hertz who gives it new life. Over a hazy synth, wobbly bassline and an infectious groove, Hertz raises the ante of the original with his edgy production style. Hertz adds his unique old school R&B sound mixed with electronica and Complex calls it “even more colorful and bouncy than the original.”
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Prvnci – “Dreams Money Can Buy”

Prvnci shares his innermost thoughts on the heartwarming track “Dreams Money Can Buy.” The beat flips a familiar sample and takes it to a more haunting and contemplative zone while Prvnci gives us an insight into his life. The video was shot by DonnyMax.




GE3Z SINATRA – “Feelings”

GE3Z SINATRA‘s “Feelings” is a melancholic piano-driven track that dives into the rapper’s life. He brings us close to the action as he doesn’t mince his words and lets us know what he is going through and how he keeps his wits about him. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud



Dee Wallz – “I’m The Reason”

Dee Wallz is in his element on the edgy track “I’m The Reason” which showcases his lyrical style. He doesn’t hold back and tears the anthemic beat out the frame. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud




Still Greedy – “Hungry Belly”

Rising South London rapper/ singer Still Greedy is in his go-getter mindstate on his new release “Hungry Belly.” Backed by a cinematic trap banger, the rapper delivers street edgy raps and a melodic hook to tie it all together.
“Hungry Belly” his 4th release in the last two months and he is set to release an EP later in the year with further new works.




Calvin X – “The Summer”

Calvin X’s “The Summer” is all about the warmest season of the year and the rapper gives us a glimpse into the good vibes of a sunny day. Backed by a lush dreamy backdrop, he puts out nothing but positive vibes that we all need right about now.
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SIR 7000 – “HAHA” (Produced by Sir 7000)

SIR 7000 makes his debut on our site with this upbeat banger titled “HAHA”. The self-produced track displays his lyrical style that fuses bravado and insightful raps that we all can relate to. The video is directed by YT Filmz.
SIR 7000 is the founder of BAPS university. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify



Lamel – “True Story”

Emerging Inglewood, CA-based rapper Lamel shares a heartfelt dedication to all the mothers out there on his new song “True Story.” Backed by a solemn soulful backdrop, he. shares his upbringing and all the sacrifices his mother made for him to get right. Lamel’s latest body of work is a concept project named Rookie of the Year. It is a 15 song project that is comprised of various genres of rap and is displayed through a series of radio stations.
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Megzy The Riter – “Knock It Out”

Megzy The Riter delivers an eclectic and somewhat experimental vibe on the surreal vibes of his new song “Knock It Out.” The track focuses on the intimacy between partners and the pleasures that arise from it.
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7098 – “Juice”


7098 puts his doubts and dreams on wax on the heartfelt single “Juice.” The track has a contemplative and nostalgic texture that 7098 uses to let us know he got the will and determination to push further than what naysayers may expect. The Mufasa Enzor produced track was recorded in Houston, Tx, and was inspired by the late Pimp C.




J.Lamotta – “Hope So”

J.Lamotta‘s visuals for her song “Hope So” help captures her thoughts and experiences in a relationship gone sour. While she speaks from the heart about the trauma, the track is a smooth blend of RnB and hip hop.
The track is taken from her Brand New Choice EP via Jakarta Records.

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