It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
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Drew Harris – “Latibule”

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer  Drew Harris share a solemn track titled “Latibule”. The Chi-town based musician really taps into his extensive music backdrop to lace a retro-tinged piece that sounds like something from a 70s movie. He adds that “Latibule” represents that feeling that takes you to your special hiding place where you feel the most comfortable in. Get it on Apple Music.



essemgee – “HOMICIDE”

Essemgee gives us a small taste from his bedroom lab as he drops this solid jam titled “Homicide”. Backed by a smooth vocal sample and rolling drums he makes a dope record while splicing different vocal samples into the mix as well.



SPY KAKSI – “Opps to the side”


Taiwanese experimental producer Spy Kaksi makes his way on our list with a weird piece titled “Opps to the side”. The self-produced song sounds very raw and dark too and has fewer drums beneath it making it quite unique. While he did put vocals over it, we felt the beat stood out more than the verses and then again you can watch and be the judge. The visual is not exactly what you’d expect as it has a lot of cutaway scenes of random videos but it’s quite entertaining to some degree. He is currently schooling in Beijing, capital of China – “Drifting” has been here more than once and on his new venture titled “Drifting” he takes us for a short spin. The laid back smooth texture feels like letting the sun drench you with its rays on a cool cloudless summer afternoon.

“Drifting” is the second track taken from the forthcoming debut EP. Get it on Deezer// Apple Music // Spotify.


ARSON- “Low Spirit”

ARSON newest release is a calming, solemn beat titled “Low Spirit”. It’s very chilled and exudes the type of emotions you may get from sadness, shame, regret to loneliness. That may seem like a lot but this beat really got us thinking deeply.
Get it on Spotify and Youtube.



Rusty Joints – “Other Planet Parasites Joint”

Rusty Joints takes us into another plane on his new effort titled “Other Planet Parasites Joint”. An ominous sounding cut ripe with dark cinematic textures and hard-hitting drums to match.”Other Planet Parasites Joint” is taken from his new project Rust Chips 005 of the Rust Chips series.
Get it on Apple Music,




Dopetruementals – “Fruehlingsgefluester”

The Dopetruementals boys are back at it with another gem they call “Fruehlingsgefluester”. Flipping the classic Stylistics sample into a mellow, nostalgic piece, the boys show once again how they really get down behind the boards.



Oblique – “Kilroy”

Mark Waldick, aka Oblique makes his debut on our list with this oddball type beat titled “Kilroy”. It’s completely choppy and staggered but still maintains a strange alluring feel. The Fort Wayne based producer’s latest release is
entitled ‘Beat Tape Vol. 1,’ which is a collection of hip hop instrumentals that were going for a choppy, lo-fi sound. Get it on Spotify and other DSPs.



Fool Suede – “What Now / Heygurl”

It’s a 2 for 1 venture as Melbourne based Fool Suede drops a double on us. Titled “What Now / Heygurl”, Fool Suede blends a solid soul sample and loops it in a very weirdly unique manner. It’s off-kilter but interesting.




A2da$ – “On Me”

A2da$ thrills us to some of his unique cloud-trap vibes on his single “On Me”. The track has a mellow, reflective feel but the drums do thump hard. Hit the play button and enjoy the vibe.

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