We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts. On this one, we bring an extra 5 cuts for their listening pleasure
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Don P – “Deadly Debauchery” (feat. Elijah Banksy).

Don P kicks off this week’s list with this brilliant piece titled “Deadly Debauchery” alongside Elijah Banksy. Using a classic sample flipped to the right tempo, the emcees deliver their verses in their own unique way. Hit the play button and get familiar. Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.  Check out the entire EP here.




CANTRELL – “Like Father, Like Son” (Feat. 6LACK)

Cantrell is back with brand new music in the form of this 6lack assisted track titled “Like Father, Like Son” which dives into his own troubles growing up. Backed by a soulful, solemn backdrop courtesy of his go-go producer MiSCHiEF BOY, we get a. a glimpse into Cantrell’s viewpoint.





Kij – “OK”

Kij’s third single titled “OK” is a hazy, laid-back track that addresses the rapper’s goals and self-doubt. He takes time in sharing his thoughts on up and coming acts trying to come up in this crazy music industry. It’s not all doom and gloom here as he keeps it positive and encourages the listener to not let up and keep giving it their all.

Get it on Deezer, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.





Sin7ven – “Misogi”

Sin7ve‘s “Misogi” is a thought-provoking look into how the human mind works and the title is a reference to a spiritual Shinto practice of purifying oneself by bathing in a freezing mountain waterfall.  The song is a point of climax in the album (Aal), and it’s like a realization and a conclusion to an emotional hike up a freezing mountain.

Get it on Soundcloud, Spotify.




Skuzii – “Ha-Bitch-Ual”

Skuzii’s “ha-Bitch-Ual” is a soulful piece that details the viewpoint of 2 individuals. One is of an opportunistically promiscuous woman and an outdated womanizer who can’t keep up with the times. It’s pretty thought-provoking and well crafted. get it on Deezer.





Amadeus The Stampede x Rusty Joints – “Kill Or Die”

“Kill Or Die” is the first track and the title track from the collaborative album by rapper  Amadeus The Stampede and producer Rusty Joints. The track is an edgy, broody hip-hop banger that showcases Amadeus’s gruff vocals and dense lyrics over Rusty’s gritty production.




BYZMUTi – “iGuess”

Singer/songwriter BYZMUTi‘s entry on our list is pretty eclectic and unique as she fuses experimental folk elements with modern contemporary musical styles. Titled “iGuess,” the singer delivers a somewhat offbeat melodic performance over a sparse, mellow backdrop.

Get it on Bandcamp.




Xavieon – “Butterflies”


Tacoma born, Atlanta raised rapper Xavieon aims to inspire the listener on his new track titled “Butterflies.” Backed by a smooth soulful backdrop, he delivers his verse in a stream of consciousness approach while kicking gems for those who choose to listen closely. “Butterflies” is the lead song from his first ep Live in Peace.

Get it on Deezer and Apple Music



Paran – “Drowning”

Rapper Paran delivers a solemn and reflective track titled “Drowning.” Over a broody piano-driven backdrop, she shares a tale of lingering love after the passion has filtered away. It’s pretty relatable and sad as well.
The video shot by storym8Tv has a dark cinematic aesthetic and captures the rapper in her vulnerable state.




Muyinza – “Man”


Muyinza‘s “Man” is a heartfelt song that dwells on the rapper’s desire for someone he shouldn’t have been involved with. He employs an ethereal, engulfing backdrop for his canvas as he paints a picture of emotions, pain and much more.




Raw Soul – “Spaghetti Westerns” (Prod. By Disarray Davis).

Raw Soul‘s “Spaghetti Westerns” is a soulful piece that showcases the rapper’s smooth flow and detailed lyrics. he says the song was birthed organically and dwells on a particular girl who caught his eye and is also inspired by the movies of the genre of the 1960s. Lyrics were inspired by Rick Ross, particularly his verse on Devil in a New Dress.





YELLOW STEVE – “Super/Heroes”

YELLOW STEVE ‘s “Super/Heroes” is a self-produced track that displays the act behind the boards and in front of the mic. It’s an interesting piece that has a dynamic texture which switches when his verse comes in near the 1 minute mark. The song is the second track from his concept project called suspended animation. Get it on Apple Music, Deezer.





Cut Beetlez x REKS – “Bars”

Cut Beetlez links up with Ny veteran emcee REKS on the hard-hitting cut titled “Bars.” The street banger showcases REKS infinite alphabetical agility while Beetlez takes the equipment past the breaking point with some renaissance style scratching, No stone is left unturned and the collaboration wreaks havoc on eardrums.
This single is the second and last single off the upcoming Cut Beetlez album What Beetlez!? scheduled to drop this year.





KIALLA – “Sanity Check” (Music Video)

KIALLA’s “Sanity Check” (Music Video) is the follow up release to “Kotton Kandy.” The song takes place in the same alternative reality — with unexpected twists. When intoxicated by delusions of the gloried lifestyle often associated with fame, one risks losing all sense of self.
Shot and Edited by Yuya Ohashi, Directed by KIALLA, and Produced by Amy Davila, “Sanity Check” continues to explore themes of destructive obsessions and addictions and eventually losing touch with oneself. As the music video unravels, a playfully edited infomercial provides a break in tone and pace, before the story takes an eerie turn. Download & Stream “Sanity Check” here.





Poor Legacy – “World Issues (Remix)”

Poor Legacy shares “World Issues (Remix)” which is an update to the previously released song. The song tackles complex issues in the world today and it’s something we all need to hear.
The song “WORLD ISSUES (REMIX)” is also part of an 8 track single with different versions of the song. POOR LEGACY is comprised of frontman Nailz, D-Note (Keyboardist), and E-Rhythm (Drummer). All 3 members compose and produce the music. The band originated in Waterbury, CT many moons ago

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