It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture.  We present a solid list of the Top 10 instrumental submissions .

So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers and remember to support them by sharing their works.


Mecca:83 – Bahia

Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 set this month’s edition off with a groovy, Brazilian-themed instrumental that would get your head nodding in no time. The layered elements coupled with the vocal sample manipulation is a sure-shot for us.


Sazetrax – 4 AM.


Brooklyn producer Sazetrax serves a mellow instrumental titled “4 AM” on the list. It has a jazz-influenced feel and a lot of soul elements as well. Dopeness from top to bottom. The song is taken off his compilation called ‘Summer‘ which was released on Aviary Bridge Records.


svnny d – Stuck On Amber

UK producer Svnny D flips the script with this instrumental “Stuck On Amber”. He takes elements from various sources and cooks up an off-kilter , gloomy soundscape that hits like a brick. he further explains the concept behind the beat as follows “…The beat features a core sample which is audible throughout but flows nicely against a variety of supporting instrumentation. And not to mention plenty of low-end.”



RJ Pasin – Fear

Producer RJ Pasin‘s instrumental “Fear” tears through the list with its dark-trap vibes. He blends a nice selection of bells, booming 808s and throbbing synths to complete the job.



Neo-Truth – Root Burst (Solitude Stage)

Eclectic producer Neo-Truth takes us back in time with this vintage styled video game inspired instrumental titled “Root Burst (Solitude Stage)”. The layered production style is dense and captures the essence of the RPG games of the late 80s and 90s. He blends huge horns, thick piano keys and rock-esque drums to complete the job.

Neo-Truth offers more insight behind the beat as follows “….instrumental represents a dark spiritual period in my life when I was feeling the sorrow of loneliness and solitude…afraid of never experiencing Love that I questioned as real yet still hoping that it is. A battle I still fight…never surrender! “


E Dot – Without You.

Erik van Ingen aka E Dot is not green to TWIB and has shown his eclectic production style before. Onn his new instrumental “Without You”, he delivers a sample-heavy gem that knocks with that classic boom-bap feel. Without You” is the fourth instalment of a series of instrumentals to be released every Thursday through the end of the year.



Jedidiah Kaine – Gave You All My Love

Multi-talented producer Jedidiah Kaine slows it down with this soothing beat he calls “Gave You All My Love”. He attributes the inspiration to the late great Dilla and the beat is a true representation of his love of music and his state of mind at the time.  “Gave You All My Love” is the first release off his upcoming instrumental tape, “Supa Dupa“, set to be released this October.





Behind The Beat – Foggy.

The eccentric producer who goes by the moniker Behind The Beat is all about his music and he lets the music speak for itself. He doesn’t waste time on his new instrumental titled “Foggy” and sets the tone right with his brand of jazz-hop. Nothing fancy just cool, soothing vibes all through.


nottr – eClipse

Marius Magfhogartai aka Nottr debuts on the Top 10 Instrumental submissions with his off-kilter instrumental “eClipse”. The vintage sounding beat takes it back to the 90s with its hard-hitting drums and obscure sampling techniques. he further explains the true nature of the beat as follows  “… This record is made of samples from a small-time Jazz producer Dan Harris with his permission of course-Produced on Reason and with chopped with my MPD.

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