We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Sweden the Producer – “Float”

Sweden the Producer‘s “Float” has a gritty and cinematic feel and taps into the 90s boom bap cuts we all love. The drums are crunchy and the vocal sample on the chorus is a nice touch too.



Frogmorton – “Hearty Durian”

Atlanta, GA producer Frogmorton  comes through with this smooth relaxing beat titled “Hearty Durian.” A nice fusion of dreamy synths, pads, and soulful horns.



Fool Parsley – “777”

Austrian producer Fool Parsley shares his new beat titled “777” a laidback dreamy beat ripe with lush textures, smooth saxophones, and punchy drum grooves.



CASHBY – “Same Ghost Every Night”

CASHBY’s “Same Ghost Every Night” is a calm and moody beat ripe with layered textures of vocal-like samples and reflective tones. It’s quite engaging and well-crafted. The track is taken from his recently released LP entitled Cosmo Graffiti.

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Zigg Zag – “THE ART OF WAR”


Zigg Zag  shows us something different on his new release titled “THE ART OF WAR.” The track employs Japanese instruments and layers them over booming trap vibes. “THE ART OF WAR” is the second single from the producer’s forthcoming album KATA.



Remulak -” The Starlight Hours”


UK producer Remulak shares his new single “The Starlight Hours” on our list. The track is a mellow soulful piece that makes use of a gripping vocal sample and nostalgia-inducing textures layered over punchy drums.



CaliCronk x Natasha Ghosh – “Come Home”


CaliCronk teams up with Natasha Ghosh for this eclectic beat titled “Come Home.” A mix of Oriental elements with lo-fi sensibilities, it’s quite alluring and somber from start to finish.



David Sanya – “Certain”


David Sanya makes his entry on our list with “Certain,” a chilled somber beat made up of airy vocal samples and nostalgia-inducing vibes.

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Funkykid Beatz – “Westcoast Instrumental 1”



Swiss producer Funkykid Beatz takes us to the west side on the aptly titled beat titled  “Westcoast Instrumental 1.” Made up of solid drum grooves, 90s west coast synths, dreamy textures and a solid bassline, the track sure will evoke memories of the good old days.



Wide Pants – “Move It Like That”

German producer Wide Pants delivers that good old boom bap punchy sound on his new release  “Move It Like That.” From the cinematic guitar stabs, vocal samples, and lush textures, he blends the old and new in a seamless fashion and it’s top-notch.

Imperial – “Aurora”


Imperial comes through with “Aurora” for this week’s list. The track has a laidback and reflective feel. The calm synths and pads are well layered over the rumbling boom-bap drums and eerie vocal sample that comes in every now and then.

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Behind The Beat – “Opaque”

Behind The Beat’s “Opaque” is a laidback moody beat made up of somber textures and horns. it doesn’t switch up much but sure has a sense of urgency with it’s rigid simplicity.

Groove. – “OhYeah!”


Producer Groove blends a multitude of sounds and styles on his new effort titled “OhYeah!.” From trap drum grooves, soul textures, and lo-fi sensibilities.

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Mercii – “Moon Landing”

Emerging producer Mercii caught our ears with this cinematic beat he calls “Moon Landing.” He blends punchy trap drums and a dark trippy texture to create the perfect ominous backdrop and he also throws in vocal snippets of the Moon Landing to tie things up.



Rel McCoy – “When The Bees Die”


Spain-based Canadian emcee/producer Rel McCoy shares his new effort titled “When The Bees Die.”  The laidback instrumental is a mix of soft sublime sounds with reflective vibes. From the steady bass guitar, trippy sound design, and trippy drum grooves, the producer delivers something refreshing and engaging.


Jupiter Island – “For 4M”


Indie British producer Jupiter Island caught our ears with this sublime and reflective instrumental titled “For 4M.” The piano-laden piece is also bolstered by soothing guitar plucks, atmospheric pads, and soft drum grooves to complete the job. This is perfect for a mid-afternoon break or early morning background music.
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Kuo – “Hood Orbit”

Kuo takes us into another dimension on “Hood Orbit.” A trippy dark beat made up of sparse synths, pads, and soft drums to match. The instrumentation is quite spaced out and allows the listener to really get in tune with each element used here.
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Synthonia Music – “Razor”


Brazilian production duo Synthonia Music brings a whole new vibe on the list with their instrumental “Razor.” The track has a dark and somewhat engulfing texture that sounds like the score for a sci-fi movie. The slow build-up and dynamic arrangement really make it engaging as well as their fusion of genres.
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Lighthouse City – “Feelin’ It”

British producer Lighthouse City gives us that ultimate summer vibe on his new release titled “Feelin’ It.” Armed with funky guitar riffs, smooth vocal samples, and a solid drum groove, Lighthouse City delivers the goods right to our ears.
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80 – “Lighthouse”

80’s “Lighthouse” is a hard-hitting menacing beat that packs quite a punch. From the gritty synths, dark textures, and crunchy drum grooves, 80 delivers an ear gripping piece that will nearly split your speakers.
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kaffetorsk x street scrolls – “Let Me Live”


Norway and Spain collide as producers kaffetorsk and street scrolls team up for this soulful banger “Let Me Live.” From smooth soulful vocal chops, cinematic horns and grating electronic synths, and punchy boom-bap drums, the duo delivers an anthemic piece that hip-hop lovers would easily gravitate towards. This is pure dopeness from start to finish.
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Dexe – “Track 11 – Hip-hop”


Ivorian producer Dexe closes the list with his new piece titled ” Track 11 – Hip-hop.” A vibrant piano-driven beat ripe with lush cinematic keys and punchy drum grooves.

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