We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Groove. – “Journey2Dreams”

Groove shares this horn-laden track titled “Journey2Dreams” that flips a classic sample into something refreshing. The way he chops the sample is particularly dope a she makes use of eq techniques to take it up a notch

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Big O – “WatchuJuannaDo” Feat. Abel Borquera

As producer Big O preps for his sophomore LP he teams up with Abel Borquera for this smooth instrumental titled “WatchuJuannaDo.” The track has a nostalgic and bright vibe with its jazzy flutes, engulfing keys, and solid drum grooves.

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Vicstradamus – “First Mistake”

Vicstradamus shows us some new tricks on his new beat titled “First Mistake.” He makes use of a one-note stab, thick basslines and vocal chops from a classic Kung Fu flick to deliver this offbeat and engaging piece.

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Softdrop – “Lights On”

Producer Softdrop comes through on this week’s list with a punchy gritty beat titled  “Lights On.”  He blends vintage orchestral samples with a cinematic vibe with dusty crunchy drums and we love it

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Mr. Käfer, ZeDe – “Visions”

German producers Mr. Käfer and  ZeDe team up to gift us this new release titled “Visions.” The track is a sublime as the clouds with its ethereal strings and pads, lush keys, and soft drums. The entire piece is also peppered by heavenly horns that take listeners to their unique comfort zone.




Dillon Holder – “Selfish (Instrumental)”

Dillon Holder‘s “Selfish (Instrumental)” has an ethereal and melancholic vibe. The moody strings and sad synths work perfectly and the laidback drums also add a nice touch to it

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Behind The Beat – “Crop”

Behind The Beat goes for a solemn vibe on his new release “Crop,” the record is moody and somewhat ominous. Nice drums too, short and straight to the point so no complaints here.

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Pillowbop – “Summer Night”

“Summer Night” by Pillowbop is a smooth relaxing beat ripe with soothing keys, dusty somber textures, and a warm bassline to match. A solid beat made for studying or just chilling out on a summer afternoon or evening.

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Little Archer – “Move Together”

Sydney, Australia-based producer Little Archer thrills us with this emotional beat titled “Move Together.” He makes use of crunchy drum breaks and layered them with engulfing atmospheric textures that would make one long for the good old days when things were much simpler.

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Mike Laurie – “Neo Fauna”

British producer Mike Laurie delivers this nostalgia-inducing piece titled “Neo Fauna.” The production is sublime and ripe with lush textures, ethereal harps, and soft driving drums to match.

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Complx Baysixx – “FlushingMeadowsPark”

Complx Baysixx caught our ears with this somber, summer-influenced beat titled “FlushingMeadowsPark.” He chops up a smooth soul sample to deliver a heartwarming vibe that we all can rock with.


Cheap Monk – “Pétalos”

Producer Cheap Monk goes for an unorthodox vibe on his new release “Pétalos.” A blend of somber and reflective textures over soft choppy drum grooves. It’s quite relaxing and soothing.



R.Black – “Stuck In The Middle”

R.Black’s “Stuck In The Middle” is a retro electronic, hip-hop track that channels the 80s in many ways. From the bright energetic synths, driving drums to the moody bassline.

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Nendo – “iwnnatlkabtu”

Florida-raised producer Nendo makes his entry on our list with this rousing off-beat instrumental titled “iwnnatlkabtu.” He blends lush piano riffs, warm basslines, and rousing drum breaks into a mix of energetic and dynamic pieces.



Padre Tóxico – “Jazzy-Fi”


Padre Tóxico delivers a soothing, reflective jazz-infused beat titled “Jazzy-Fi” on our list. The track is quite nostalgic and dynamic as the progression reveals more layers and keeps the soothing vibes going.

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Las Dos & Ounak – “Rich Holiday”

“Rich Holiday” is a chilled, piano-laden collaboration between 2 Japanese beatmakers Las Dos and Ounak. The beat has a moody aesthetic and smooth vibe that everyone can play in the background while doing chores or homework.



Juniper Ridge – “Party Eyes”

Phoenix, Arizona producer Juniper Ridge deliver their new release “Party Eyes” on our list. The production style is genre-fluid and packs quite a lot with its rousing drums, anthemic horns, and dark sound designs. “Party Eyes” is the single leading to the release of our debut album Prickly Pear Prison later this summer.
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Terror Firma – “Erasure (Talking Drums)”

Producer Terror Firma packs a solid one on this new release titled “Erasure (Talking Drums)” a blend of lo-fi elements, rousing drum grooves, and choppy samples. “Erasure (Talking Drums)” is taken from his Juneteenth-themed EP titled Erasure.
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Ty.2wo – “That Peach Kind”


Ty.2wo shares “That Peach Kind” a laidback reflective track filled with soothing textures, alluring vocals, and a soft groove to complete the mission.
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Kidd Called Quest – “REFLECTIONS”


Rochester-based DJ / Producer Kidd Called Quest shares “REFLECTIONS” an instrumental taken from his recently released beat-tape Reflectstrumentals. “REFLECTIONS” is a cinematic piano-laden track ripe with hard-hitting drums to match.
The body of work is made up of eight tracks of soulful boom-bap (as only Kidd can deliver) in an instrumental form that appeared originally on the Jae Hussle album Reflections.



Dirty D – “Beat Velvet”


Saxophone player/producer Dirty D blends his sax with some trap vibes on his new release titled “Beat Velvet.” The track has a moody laidback punchy groove and the horns do blend well as they engulf it seamlessly
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johnboybeats – “Cruise”


johnboybeats takes us on a reflective “Cruise” on his new venture. The beat is quite eclectic and blends jazz horns, moody textures, and gritty boom-bap vibes in a seamless fashion. The result is a cinematic piece that takes the listener down memory lane.
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sndwn. – “Interstellar”


sndwn. thrills us to a whole new vibe on his release tiled “Interstellar” a smooth summery jam ripe with dance elements and warm textures that ushers in the summer season. “Interstellar” is taken from his new EP Horizons.
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la.Flash.makes.Beats – “Wii!”


la.Flash.makes.Beats deliver some lo-fi goodness on this track titled “Wii!” the track is pretty engulfing and is very layered with quite a lot to unpack. From the bubbly synths, arpeggios, punchy drums, and weird sound design. It’s quite engaging, to be honest.
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Pico Panesa – “Alone”


Pico Panesa closes out the list with a Rhodes piano-driven piece. The production is moody and somewhat reflective and the soft drums do work well.
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