Producer/emcee Tonio Sagan is carving a new path in 2019 as he drops his first single titled “The Future”. Like the title says, it showcases Sagan’s dense lyricism and superb production skills. On this one, he teams up with a group of musicians to create a futuristic soundscape that draws inspiration from hip-hop, rock and electronic music. The result is anthemic and serves as the perfect backdrop for Sagan’s verbal exploration of the future of human technological “progress”. He also breaks down the positive and negative effect of the rise of social media in our everyday lives.

The musicians include Michael Wilbur (of Moon Hooch) on Saxophone,Dan Thomas on Guitar duties, Chris Ball on Bass and Ian Cooper-Pettys rocks the Drum Kit (breakbeat section)

“The Future” is the first single from Tonio Sagan‘s forthcoming Hip Hop album “In The Garden.”

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