Producer/emcee Tonio Sagan keeps raising the bar with every release and on his new effort, he brings the listener closer to his own twisted world of eclectic sounds and textures. The track in question is titled “Message In A Bottle Pt.1.” and sees Sagan questioning the divide in the human race amongst other things. Armed with a smooth flow and vivid lyrical imagery, Sagan slowly draws the listener with his thought-provoking lines and gripping 80s styled cinematic backdrops. The visual is particularly striking and accentuates the message with its ominous aesthetics and storytelling.

“Message In A Bottle Pt.1.” is taken from Sagan’s recently released project ‘In the Garden‘. The self-produced Lp counters modern production with organic instrumentation, underscoring oration that is both grounded in self-reflection and challenging those reflections with objective philosophical concepts.

The eldest grandchild of the late astronomer Carl Sagan and world-renowned microbiologist Lynn Margulis, had the following to say about his newest multimedia release:

“I was raised in a scientific family that promoted empirical truth but also nurtured imaginative artistic expression. Message in a Bottle balances a similar juxtaposition. Frightening realities that glimmer hope. In the way, a candle makes a shadow. In light of dark truths.”


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