Nigeria-born, US-based rap artist Toks makes his entry on our site with his brand of heartfelt and conscious style of music. The first track here titled “The Gods May Never” has a laidback and reflective vibe with its moody textures and sees the rapper reflecting on his journey through life. From the ups, downs, and in-betweens, listeners get a glimpse of the man’s hopes, dreams, and fears in a snapshot.


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The second cut “Can You See” sees him working with FK Osha. The production is more diverse and takes elements from Afropop and experimental elements. He switches his flow as well with a melody-driven approach which is bolstered by FK Osha’s glowing hook. The production is dynamic and slowly build-ups into an atmospheric and sublime soundscape.

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“Dirty Dishes” is an insightful track ripe with an engulfing production and more importantly Toks’ heartfelt lyrics that dive into strapping one’s bootstraps and putting in work to reach the goals. The title is a metaphor for washing dishes, even though it’s not a glamorous job, it has to be done but the ay off is everything is fresh and clean afterward.

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All tracks are taken from his forthcoming LP 3-5-8 Trilogy. Check out the visual for “The Gods May Never” below.


Toks is a hip-hop and electronic artist who currently resides in the United States. He is of Nigerian descent and has also lived in London for years.  Living in the UK instilled a love for Electronic music and current projects focus on a fusion of traditional Hip-Hop with these electronic influences that might cover any range of emotions.

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