Austin based-tjonez [the producer.] and rapper FNF Kenno continue forging their collaborative paths with their latest effort titled KozySZN Vol. 1.5. The 7 track body of work has a rich musical palette and sound that is steeped in modern alternative hiphop.


The project starts with the dark and moody “Michelin $tars” which flips a classic sample that hiphop heads would appreciate. The production is sinister and sets the tone for the project with its overall cinematic and enthralling vibe. On the vocal side of things, FNF Kenno flows effortlessly with his laidback flow and bravado lyrical schemes likeI ain’t got no kinda feelings/I ain’t got no time for chilling/I have been on my grind for millions” while reminding us that he is built for the strife and ready to go the extra mile to achieve his goals. The track doesn’t have a hook per se but uses a vocal sample of the late Fred Hampton as certain parts. The second track “No Complaints” is an atmospheric piece made up of sparse downtempo drums and psychedelic pads. Here, FNF Kenno shares his thoughts on his never-ending struggles and reminds us of how he rolls with the punches and makes moves instead of complaining. He is simply unapologetic and doesn’t take shorts or losses as he proclaims “We ‘bout to change the game/So close that we can’t complain/Sorry we ain’t the same, came up in a major way”.


Next up is “Double Dutch”, a smooth retro R&B-infused piece that features in iiimpeccable. Over the sublime and ethereal textures, FNF Kenno pours his heart on wax as he wonders if that lady truly loves him. It’s a case of indecision and broken communication between two individuals who are trying to get things right between them. The love tales continue with “PLT”, an adulation-filled track ripe with FNF Kenno’s unassuming flow peppered with sultry melodies and vivid lyricism that pays homage to that special someone. The production here is exquisite and has that modern R&B/jazz aesthetic that is fit for that quiet storm playlist. Next up is the “Day Dreamin’ (Interlude)” with iiimpeccable. The short tune is made up of a sombre jazz flute, pulsating basslines and a head-nodding drum groove. It’s essentially a go-getter anthem reminding everyone about focusing on their daily grind. “Rollin’ Dice” is a mellow and somewhat nondescript track with a somewhat mundane beat. FNF Kenno is at home on this track and shares some interesting tales about his daily activities.


The project closes out with“Still Kozy”, a playful track that showcases FNF Kenno’s downtime as he finds time to bask in the euphoria of success after hustling hard and reaching his goals. The track also uses reflective themes as he reminisces on the many events that shaped him while enjoying the present.


Overall, KozySZN Vol. 1.5 feels like a short trip to a world filled with unpredictable but manageable elements. The production by –tjonez [the producer.] is somewhat varied and engaging. The way he samples R&B/jazz and lofi sounds into his beats is brilliant while rapper FNF Kenno knows his onions and delivers the goods with his distinct style.



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