The Movement Fam latest output is a soulful Basket Ball themed headnodder titled Swish. The group made up of brothers Cee and Notion link up with fellow emcee Theory to bring this to life. The three name drop legends like Reggie Miller, Pippen, Olajuwon amongst various B-ball terminologies. Need I say more, hit the play button and get with the program.

Basketball has always been closely aligned with Hip Hop. From “Space Jam” on the big screen to NBA Jam on the console, the two cultures are now so intertwined that it’s tough to think of a time when they weren’t.

Released right on time for the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend in Toronto (February 12th to 14th), the newest b-ball anthem “SWISH” came about when theory, a TMF affiliate, visited Montreal over the summer in 2015. Notion provided the sample-laden banger from Toronto, and Cee and theory hit the lab in MTL which resulted in the catchy NBA dedication.

Packed with references that true ball fans will appreciate and tough bars to satiate the real heads, this head nodder is the perfect soundtrack to your next session on the court.

“SWISH” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Notion at Illnote Studios, Toronto, Canada.

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