LoveLoveYall is the newest collaboration between Montreal based emcee Cee and UK producer SVNTY6. A smooth gem that seeks to inspire all despite the odds. Kick back relax and tune into this right away.


Canada via Australia transplant Cee and the UK’s SVNTY6 go way back. Linking via Hip Hop blogger Kevin Nottingham way back in 2008, the two have collaborated numerous times over the years, most notably for the well-received single and video “PromNight” in 2013.
The two artists are part of a new international collective, FTRSNDMTRX, and after many years of one-off collaborations, the MC and the producer finally knocked out a Foreign Exchange style EP, ‘BeBetter’.
Communicating exclusively via email and text, the project was inspired by SVNTY6’s recent battle with depression. His motto, ‘Be Better’, became the mantra and in turn, the title of the project. Steeped in soulful samples, hard hitting drums and funky breaks, SVNTY6 channeled his positive energy into the production to give Cee a canvas to talk through his own demons via a lens of positivity.
The lead single is ‘LoveYall’, a soul drenched headnodder where Cee and his brother Notionexplore the most lauded of emotions, touching on family, lovers, friends and business. The overwhelming positive perspective is infectious and will leave listeners with a permanent smile.

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