Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.






Trizz and MIKE SUMMERS share the visuals for their previously released single “KEEP IT A BUCK.” The video is shot by Castro of NewHighFilmz who captures Trizz in his element, savoring the LA summer with his crew and then some.





Guilty Simpson – “Make it Count” ft. Jason Rose prod. by Jason Rose (cuts by DJ Ragz)

Guilty Simpson drops visuals for the Jason Rose-produced single “Make it Count” which contains a verse from the producer himself and excellent cuts from DJ Ragz. Both emcees wreak havoc with their individual styles over the urgent punchy soundscape. The visual by Mostly Decent strays from the norm and instead uses Hasbro action figures as the main focus.




Nightshift – “Real Friends”

LA-based hip-hop collective Nightshift make their entry on our list with the visuals for their single “Real Friends”. The SHSHA-produced moody track has a nostalgic and punchy aesthetic and features solid lyricism from emcees Morgan “MorG” Peszko and Hunter “HunnaGrand” Peterson. The visual concept is shot from the view of a fly who goes around the rapper’s crib buzzing and creating a minor nuisance till it is chased off and eventually swatted.


Jay Gudda – “Señorita”

Jay Gudda‘s  “Señorita” is a heartfelt and reflective tune that details the dynamics of two lovers who are intertwined and find it hard to cut ties even though the craziness between them is apparent. Over a Latininfsued backdrop, Jay Gudda drops the facts on the issue at hand with a reflective and somewhat frustrated tone. The visual is quite engaging and makes use of retro aesthetics with a lot of performance shots.




DJ Criminal – “It’s Easy” (Ft Barfly)


DJ Criminal and Barfly team up for “It’s Easy”, a superb introspective tune that listeners can appreciate. Bolstered by the haunting vocal hums, punchy drum grooves, and a vivid lyrical performance from Barfly. The visual is shot in DJ Criminal’s home country in Nepal and takes viewers around different spots while showing the rich and beautiful culture of the land. This is the first leak from the forthcoming LP The Smuggler’s Candle. Pre-Order The Smugglers Candle Here





Arei Moon – “Dangerous”

Arei Moon closes out the list with the stunning visuals for her groovy tune titled “Dangerous” which sees her blending R&B, pop, and Afrobeats. The visual is quite spicy and makes use of sexy dance routines, expressive performance shots, and upbeat energetic scenes to boot.

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