Note: I’ve just realized that I’ve done the same mistake of placing the wrong vlog number at the beginning & end. Apologies. Something to do with my video editor….This is Vlog#4


4th & Final Video blog of Random & K  Murdock on the Bits & Rhymes Tour 2010, after many requests for live performance footage, here it is, including on the spot freestyles by Random & StoryVille, it’s a great way to finish these awesome serious of videos, that we have been blessed to host. Hope you guys dig.

@Randon & K Murdock: Thanks for all the shoutouts and for allowing us to host this, it’s been a pleasure.

On these Road Chronicles we give readers who can’t make the shows and experience Forever Famicom LIVE, a taste of what goes down from the road via video blog.

Click here to Watch Part 1

Click here to Watch Part 2

Click here To Watch Part 3

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