Hailing from the mean streets of the suburbs of Mushin in Lagos, Nigeria comes the wordsmith who goes by the name Tafa (real names Mustafa Ayoola Alawusa ). He doesn’t mince words and pull his punches as he brings the listener close to the mix of things. Using a short form of his government name for one, he doesn’t hide behind masks or an over-bloated persona and aims to just give us the real deal.

Mushin’s Intellectual Tout (MIT, which is also an acronym for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, pun intended) is a part conscious part introspective narration about life. Mushin is a slum and the world expects less but the MIT talks in a language the world can listen to.  Tafa Truth is half of Shxxp Bxforx. and also the founder of Lair 45 studio.

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