After sharing with us the power of an “Open Heart” late last year, singer/songwriter Rachel Mazer finally debuts her long awaited project titled “How Do We Get By”. The 10 track project sees her collaborating with some of the finest musicians in her circle to create a cohesive body of work. The styles employed here range from retro pop cuts, heartfelt ballads, funky soul tracks and more. Right from the opening title track, the listener is drawn right away into her honeyed vocals and lush backdrops. There is so much to unpack on this project  but some stand out cuts we recommend include “Jupiter’s Moon”, “Crowds”, “Sparrows Wings” and the title track.

Mazer also adds that the project encompasses a certain period in her life and she hopes it helps listener connect to their innermost passions, despairs, joys and everything that comes in between.

Album Credits:

Producer: Tyler Duncan

Mixing: Jake Birch

Mastering: Howie Weinberg

Rachel Mazer (vocals, flute, clarinet, arranging)

Tyler Duncan (Wurli, Casio 601, arranging, sound design)

Julian Allen (drums, arranging)

James Cornelison (bass, electric guitar, arranging)

Ian Finklestein (piano, Wurli, Casio 601)

Amber Navran (flute, clarinet, arranging)

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